Camilla get her official Royal Title First time as King Charles III wife

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Camilla gets her Royal Title officially for the first time. In Buckingham Palace invitation.

Buckingham Palace used the title “Queen Camilla” on the invitations for the monarch’s coronation on May 6. The monarch King Charles III’s wife is referred to as the queen for the first time. Camilla, who until now was regarded as queen consort.  Equal attention is given to the lavish medieval-style invites, 2,000 guests will be attending the ceremony.

On May 6 at Westminster Abbey, Camilla alongside her husband will be crowned as the new King and Queen of Buckingham Palace. In a tribute to the monarch’s long history of promoting conservation and environmental preservation. The coronation invitations bear the vintage Green Man symbol.

The palace described the Green Man as “an ancient figure from British folklore, symbolic of spring and rebirth, to celebrate the new reign.”

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The United Kingdom’s national flower, as well as oak, ivy, and hawthorn leaves, are used to create the Green Man’s shape. Which is capped with natural greenery.

The artwork was made by heraldic artist and manuscript illuminator Andrew Jamieson, and it will be printed on recycled cards with gold foil accents.

How Camilla got the Queen title

A lady who was once mocked as a home wrecker. For her part in the breakdown of Prince Charles’ marriage to the late Princess Diana. Now has taken another step in her amazing evolution with the announcement of her new title.

Charles and Camilla were together before the future king wed Diana in 1981. Their romance remained strong throughout the turbulent union. Due to this, Camilla came to be despised by Diana’s numerous supporters. Who stood by the princess when her marriage broke down.

But since she wed Charles in a civil wedding in 2005. Camilla has gained the affection of a sizable portion of the British populace with her warmth and approachable humor. In an early last year statement, the late Queen Elizabeth II expressed her wish that Camilla would be referred to as “queen consort” when Charles became king.


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