British Actor Zain Ullah secures lead role in horror film ‘24 Hours In Leeds’

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins

Manchester born actor Zain Ullah has secured a leading role in a short horror film. He is set to star along side Freddy Smith from The Dumping Ground TV series and Archie Clark.

The short filmed will be available for viewers to watch on Vimeo and will be filmed on location in Central Manchester, Leeds, Preston and Bradford.

The 21 year-old first auditioned for the film in 2021 when he was still at Manchester Metropolitan University in the North West and had been tagged on a Instagram post for auditions.

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However whilst in the process of auditioning for ‘24 Hours In Leeds’, he already had a part in the film ‘Maya’ which was directed by Louie Franzini.

The short horror film tells the story of Ryan, Adam and Jack. Who are students that are focused on their education, however after Ryan finds out a secret he shouldn’t have heard. He turns to a dark evil path that leads him to murder his victims that are involved in his past. Who ever knows the secret must die or Ryan must reap what he sow and face the grave consequences.

Zain’s film credits include the film ‘Moor’ which is available on both Amazon Prime International and Netflix Pakistan. The short film ‘Maya’ which is available to view on TMDB and ‘Manchester in the 1970s’.

In 2022, Zain Ullah made National headlines after he was set to visit Iraq for a documentary that has interviews with residents and politicians. However filming is now set to take place in early January as the tensions have risen after a shooting in the Abu Ghraib district of Iraq.

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