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Braving through the ups and downs of an actors life: Nikita Soni

Nikita Soni
Nikita Soni

The best acting is instinctive. It’s not intellectual, it’s not mechanical, it’s instinctive.
– Craig MacDonald

Acting appears very easy until you have to do it on stage and face the harshest criticism about your performance. Despite being a rewarding profession, seldom can make it to the pinnacle by achieving the balance between fame and recognition. Nikita Soni is an actor who achieved enviable success in her career with determination and the ability to face criticism. She has worked in tv shows, movies, songs, and plays along with renowned actors and big budget production houses.

Nikita Soni
Nikita Soni

Nikita Soni hails from Gujarat and graduated from Kadakiya College before landing a role in her first film. Her first prominent role was in the movie “I Know You” after which she worked on a lot of Bollywood projects. Her Instagram is packed with followers who are eager to learn about the developments in her career and personal life. Nikita Soni is also an influencer who helps the brand reach its business goals by becoming a bankable face for the product.

Nikita Soni opens up about her ups and downs in the industry. She says, “Being unique is the only method to stay relevant in the industry. Many actors think that the profession requires nothing except a pretty face. I too believed that for some time before understanding the damage that it would do to my career. I spent more time with experienced actors, tried out for numerous auditions, and worked with my mentor to slowly understand the convoluted art of acting. I cannot say that I am perfect as gloating undermines reputation. Every project is a new experience for me as I get to play eccentric characters, and step into different shoes every day.”

Nikita Soni
Nikita Soni

Nikita Soni has been a part of renowned Bollywood projects but never let the stardom overpower her humility. She believes in being a role model for her fans who can take inspiration from her journey and become successful in life. Nikita Soni recently appeared in a Gujarati song about Radha Krishn and looked fabulous in her character. She is extremely content with her career but never stops working on improving her skills. She devotes equal time to her fitness as acting is a physically demanding profession and it takes a toll on the body. Her work calendar is full of projects for the upcoming months and she is excited about the next year’s prospects.

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