Black Lightning Season 4: Trailer And What The Showrunner Has To Say?

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Last season on Black Lightning, Wayne Brady made his Arrowverse introduction among the key villains of the sequence.

Brady’s Gravedigger was a powerful meta-human battle on the Markov facet of the war, despite his incredible abilities, he was finally defeated though the door was left open to the character to return.

Now, with Black Lightning in its final season, the showrunner Salim Akil claims the series will take the beloved character. Oh well, we’re attempting to think of a way to get him back, Akil stated to Entertainment Weekly.

Brady himself showed an interest in returning as a personality. Brady said he would be keen to come back as part of Black Lightning’s fourth season, or even the upcoming Painkiller spinoff revealed to be back in business in November.

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Black Lightning Season 4: What The Showrunner Has To Say?

Black Lightning Season 4

Black Lighting’s cancellation news came as a disappointment to fans at the end of November as it was revealed. At the moment, series producer Salim Akil shared his enthusiasm at the prospect of this Painkiller series as a means to continue the plot in a new chapter.

When we began the Black Lighting journey for the first time, I recognized that Jefferson Pierce and his influential Black Women family would be a special addition to the superhero genre, Akil told Variety in a statement.

The support that Blerds and most of the lovers of comic books around the world have given this series over the past 3 seasons has proven what we have imagined, Black People Like To See Themselves with their nuances.

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Black Lightning Season 4 Trailer

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