Black Lightning Season 4: Trailer And Much More

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

The trailer of the 4th season of Black Lightning gives us a glimpse that Jefferson Pierce is planning to give up being a fanatic. The live-action show, that debuted on the CW in 2018 relies on the DC Comics character, starring Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce.

He’s a father, husband, and High School Principal and the official alter ego of this superhero. At the beginning of 1st Season, Jefferson retired as Dark Lightning and focused only on a regular life and giving back to his community of Freeland. However, this retirement is short-lived as if Tobias Whale brings violence into his hometown, he has no choice except to suit up and save his folks.

Black Lightning Season 4: Update

The trailer just dropped on The CW Network YouTube channel for its 4th season of Black Lightning’s which is also its final season. And in the trailer, Jefferson’s voiceover declares Black Lightning” dead”, arguing with Peter Gambi (James Remar) who is like a father figure, about doing whatever he could to save the Earth, but ultimately failing at it.

An interesting thing to notice in the trailer was Jennifer/ Lightning in activity, with full-time hero vibes. Being Pierce’s youngest, she has always been kept guarded against the battle though she’s the most powerful of them all.

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Black Lightning Season 4

She ultimately became known for her capabilities by the end of the last season. Now with Dark Lightning stepping back, she’s the one capable to fit in his shoe, and shining like a genuine superhero in Freeland.

Contrary to other CW shows, Black Lightning has always been family-based. The core group of Black Lightning involves the father, mother, both daughters, and also their uncle. In the trailer, Jefferson stands at a tombstone, possibly Gravedigger’s, who expired in the last season’s finale.

The losses of his very best friend(Inspector Bill Henderson) in the last season, coupled with the departure of a relative and his wife Lynn’s addiction to medication might be the reasons to push him to take up retirement and measure back from his present superhero standing.

We can only hope for Black Lightning to come back, leaving the rest to situations and time forcing him back into the superhero universe.

Black Lightning season 4 will premiere on Monday, February 8th on The CW.


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