BJP announces shortlist of 160 candidates, dropping 38 incumbent MLAs


Rivaba Jadeja, a party newcomer who joined in 2019 nominated by the BJP. As its contender for the Jamnagar north seat, replacing Congress defector and incumbent MLA Dharmendrasinh M. Jadeja. Who denied the right to have criminal charges against him dropped on Wednesday. In the initial list of 160 candidates released by the governing party for the State Assembly elections, Bhupendra Patel. The chief minister of Gujarat BJP, Rivaba Jadeja, the wife of cricketer Ravindra Jadeja, and Hardik Patel, a former congressman, are all listed.

Hardik Patel, a Congress immigrant running for a seat in the Ahmedabad district. Before joining the ruling party in August, Mr. Patel served as the spokesperson for the Patidar quota movement and was the working president of the Gujarat Congress. Pradhyumansinh Jadeja, who made the switch in 2020 tribal lawmaker Ashwin Kotwal.  Joined the saffron camp in July of this year. Harshad Ribadia, who joined last month, Bhaga Barad,  joined the BJP on Wednesday, and Rajendrasingh Rathwa.  Whose father is the senior-most Gujarat MLA and joined on Tuesday are other Congress imports.

Nimaben Acharya, speaker of the assembly, dropped

Up to 38 currently serving lawmakers, including retiring Assembly Speaker. Nimaben Acharya and Cabinet Ministers Pradip Parmar and Rajendra Trivedi, have left the party. Up to 14 women, including a number of lawmakers already in office, are on the 160-person list.

The removal of 38 sitting MLAs from the BJP’s initial list of 160 candidates. which totals a staggering 43% change from the last election. As well as the withdrawal of several former senior Ministers, including former Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel. Demonstrate the party’s radical re-organization in the State. BJP sources claim that the shift resulted from the old adage that “much change is necessary to ensure.” The change must be substantial to counteract the weariness factor. Prevent a flight of young people from alternatives out of mere boredom given that the party in power for two and half decades and that entire generations lack first-hand memories of a Gujarat that was not controlled by the BJP.

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