Binging Cinema is Sagar Achary’s initiative to deliver quality content to the masses

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Sagar Achary

Founded in 2019, Binging Cinema is a platform for movie suggestion  and updates .

Introducing Binging Cinema. Founded by Sagar Achary  in 2019, Binging Cinema, is a platform for movie suggestion and updates . Upon receiving a heartwarming response, it is now headed towards becoming one of the most promising media houses in India delivering quality content in the form of videos, texts,  etc.

Sagar says Binging Cinema started as a mere hobby. He continues: “We believe that small ideas can do wondrous things if given a proper platform.  Sagar, who is persuing a Engineering  degree  enjoys photography and designing apart from his love for writing.

Being an introvert, he finds peace in writing and believes it allows him to let out his fears.  This included the addition of lots of new and quality content to their website as well as social media platforms.

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– The present business, insights and other fun facts!

As of now, Binging Cinema has over 1,00,000 followers on Instagram. The huge achievement earned in such a short period of time shows the exclusive work done by the whole team. 

Today, their social media platform has a count of 3500+ snippets successfully attracting over 1 million weekly impressions. The platform is a great hit among a wide section of the society starting from school and college students and going up to middle-aged people. We feel a person of every age enjoys these  musical reels form movie, which is another reason for their success and high engagement rate.

Sagar says, “We are working towards creating valuable content for our audience. The idea behind it is to keep our followers updated about the latest happenings around them.” 

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