Bigg Boss OTT- Neha Bhasin Oil Massage to Pratik Sehajpal

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta
Neha Bhasin Oil Massage to Pratik Sehajpal

Bigg Boss Over-the-Top is the first season that Bigg Boss has released on an online streaming platform. The show premiered on 8th August 2021 on Voot. Karan Johar is hosting this digital-only Bigg Boss Season.

Bigg Boss OTT is going to stream for 6 weeks before it merges into Bigg Boss Season 15. Season 15 will air on Television. Recently, there has been news that there will be some new additions to the show. For instance, Nominations and punishments will be made accessible for the audience.

Sensation in the BB House

Actress Nia Sharma entered into the Bigg Boss House as a wild card entry. Wearing a stunning golden dress and having a mesmerizing introduction, Nia won everyone’s heart. Subsequently, Bigg Boss announced Nia as the ‘Boss Lady’ of the house for one day. She was provided with coins and she was asked to distribute it among the housemates who impressed her. The task was to be performed by three connections. Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehajpal, Milind Gaba and Akshara Singh and Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty participated in the task to impress Nia- The Boss Lady. Nia gave Neha a task. She asked her to give an oil massage to Pratik Sehajpal.

You can watch the short clip from the episode here:

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Undoubtedly, Nia’s entry created a buzz in the house. Every male contestant was drooling over her. And, it was fairly visible that Neha Bhasin was getting jealous as her connection Pratik Sehajapal diverted his attention towards the new wild card entry. Nia made sure that she interacted with every contestant. She also gave the housemates advice on their performance during the show.  A few people were even ready to ditch their old connections to build a new one with Nia. The whole episode was fun to watch. It had a lot of fun activities including Neha mimicking the housemates. That is why this episode was ‘Over the Top’.

Why Nia left the Bigg Boss House?

But soon she was asked to leave the house. It came as a shock to all the housemates. According to the makers, she was only brought in the house for one day to spice things up. Shamita Shetty, Divya Agarwal, Neha Bhasin, Pratik Sehajpal, Muskan Jattana, Raqesh Bapat, Nishant Bhat, Akshara Singh, and Millind Gaba are left in the house as contenders.

After Nia left the house, there were disagreements between some connections at the end of the day. Afterward, other housemates also pitched in to get the disputes solved.

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