Big Bang Taeyang Dropped new mini-album with Blackpink Lisa

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

K-POP STAR AND BIGBANG member Taeyang launched his new mini-album, “Down to Earth.” It also features a song video with BLACKPINK’s Lisa. The most current album includes music videos for the songs “Shoong!,” which features Lisa from BLACKPINK, and “Seed.”

The previously released single “Vibe” with BTS’ Jimin, “Reason,” “Inspiration,” with Beenzino, and Nightfall, with Bryan Chase, are among the other tracks on the album. Taeyang co-wrote every song on the album, with Beenzino and Bryan Chase. Along with Jimin, each contributed to their individual songs, according to the tracklist for the album. Other well-known artists listed on the CD include Teddy Park, KUSH, Danny Chung, 24, and Bekuh Boom.

lisa and taeyang

Taeyang announced that the new album is related by the name ‘Sun’

Taeyang’s latest album marks his first since leaving YG Entertainment. And joined The Black Label in December 2022 and his first solo album release since “White Night” in 2017. Taeyang, whose name means “sun” in Korean, said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone that the title of his new album is related to the sun, just as the titles of his earlier albums.

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Additionally, he revealed that “Down to Earth” was partially motivated by a trying moment in his life when he finished his conscription in 2018. Though he felt cut off from the outside world, he soon discovered comfort in running. He thought about the beauty that comes before darkness one day as he watched the sunset.

lisa and taeyang

“Sunsets are met only with the night sky — not a new morning, but a dark night,” he claimed to have thought at the time. Because there is nothing that can be done at this moment, she remarked, “Let me be true to myself and focus on the little things during this time.”

Additionally, Taeyang mentioned how proud he is of Lisa and how he even attended her YG Entertainment audition. He said to Rolling Stone that the song’s title, “Shoong!” is an onomatopoeic pun. He also explained that it is frequently used in Korean to describe cars passing by. In the song, the sound is repeated. Because the song makes reference to a Lamborghini, we incorporated the racing theme artistically.


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