‘BLACKPINK The Game’ is an upcoming Mobile Game Officially Announced by YG Entertainment

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
BLACKPINK the Game is soon to be out in market. As announced by YG Entertainment.

The upcoming mobile game using the intellectual property of BLACKPINK has been revealed by YG Entertainment. (IP). They officially announced the game’s release date as of April 4th, KST, for the second half of this year. The name of this mobile game will be “BLACKPINK the Game”.

The mobile game will be created in collaboration with Takeone Company. The 2019 mobile game BTS World was co-created by the same developer that worked on BTS. All of the characters in “BLACKPINK The Game” will be exact replicas of the vocalists from the girl group. Additionally, the gamers will have the option of customizing the characters to suit their preferences. As a result, gamers will find the game to be much more alluring.

About the BLACKPINK the Game

Additionally, gamers can interact with their fellow players as well.  According to YG Entertainment, the players will get a glimpse of BLACKPINK’s never-before-seen aspects in different ways. While playing they can get a far better experience as a result. They claimed that the game will be fun for all enthusiasts worldwide.

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The most intriguing feature of this upcoming mobile game is that the player may also take on the role of the group’s producer and aid in the development of its members. In addition, they may teach the team members, run management simulations for office buildings, and customize the personalities. The game will have all of these elements, and gamers may genuinely enjoy it.

High-quality images and videos of the female group will be included in this special game. The game will be considerably more appealing and enjoyable to play. All thanks to the variety of photographs from their photo session. In addition to everything else, the game will include a unique soundtrack and music video that is officially sung by BLACKPINK. Later releases of this song and its accompanying video will both include it in the game.

The players will get the opportunity to meet several facets of BLACKPINK in a brand-new way. Which has never been seen before by anyone. Awaiting the game’s release with anticipation are all BLACKPINK fans. So prepare to play “BLACKPINK The Game” and discover a brand-new gaming world.



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