BhagyaLakshmi 13th August 2022 Written Update From the Oberoi home, Balwinder flees

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

The constable begins the episode by making fun of the female constable. Adding that he was speaking about the pen right in front of her while doing so. Balwinder is released by the female constable. following Balwinder’s departure. If they have discovered any hints, Durga Devi arrives and queries them. They claim that nothing has been discovered. According to Durga Devi, he might have escaped. Balwinder is sought out by Durga Devi along with the police. Lakshmi, according to Karishma, is acting like a VIP. Lakshmi knows her responsibilities well, therefore Dadi believes there’s no need for you to worry.

Ask him if he needs anything, Virendra instructs the Pandit as he approaches. Asking Neelam if she called him, Rishi approaches her. Says Neelam, “No.” Rishi reports that Malishka contacted you and mentioned your call. Malishka shouldn’t think that we are doubting her, Lakshmi tells Ayush.

Malishka is informed by Kiran who has just arrived that Balwinder has escaped and has phoned her. When Ayush arrives, he inquires as to what they are talking about. Malishka is asked by him why she lied to them. Is the goal to keep us from discovering the truth? Malishka cautions him not to treat her in this manner. She complains about Ayush to Neelam when she visits her. Neelam is Malishka’s ally. Malishka can’t survive, according to Ayush, if I start talking. He questions why she told a lie. Neelam claims that, unlike Lakshmi, she lied, but that she did it voluntarily. Why is she pointing at Lakshmi, Rishi wonders? Lakshmi is our bahu, thus Neelam requests Ayush not to make fun of her. Karishma concurs with her.

When they go, they invite them to the puja. Rishi steps aside to take a phone call. Malishka informs Lakshmi that she will soon become this house’s daughter-in-law and hopes that you hear her. That’s because nobody in this house is aware of the truth about you, according to Lakshmi. Malishka inquires as to the reality.

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Even though Lakshmi claims to be aware that she brought a false Pandit, Rishi and I grew quite close. Neelam is informed by Malishka that Lakshmi has accused her of receiving an electric shock. Lakshmi is scolded by Kiran. Ayush claims to feel the same way. He is advised by Kiran to follow logic rather than Lakshmi. That Pandit wasn’t chosen by Malishka, and I got a message from him just as his granddaughter collapsed. Asking her to display the message is Ayush. If he doesn’t believe her, Kiran queries. Neelam requests a resolution from Ayush. Asking her to display the message is Ayush. Kiran exhibits him.

How did she get Pandit’s number, Ayush wonders. I’m not sure if Pandit is real or a phony, according to Kiran, who claims she got his number for her friend’s party. Ayush is about to ask additional questions. He is advised to halt by Neelam. She invites Kiran and Malishka to participate in pooja and cautions them not to take Ayush’s remarks seriously. Everyone is asked to focus on the puja by Virendra. Lakshmi goes to puja with Rishi. If I’m not doing this much to separate, Malishka believes Lakshmi is incredibly lucky, yet despite all the odds, she still managed to win.

The Pandit declares the end of the pooja. Dadi offers Pandit Dakshina after thanking him. Ayush believes Malishka is responsible for this incident, but I am unable to prove it. As a result, he fears Lakshmi may be attacked once more. He believes Lakshmi may not deserve it because she bores so much. Virendra is reminded of his suffering by Lakshmi, who won’t allow him to bend. What about your ache, Virendra queries?

You are on the verge of passing away, yet you are worried about my dad’s puja, and I can’t bear for you to lose your life. Lakshmi gives him a teary hug. She expresses her willingness to sacrifice anything for this family. As per Malishka, they were saved. But their scheme backfired, says Kiran. Malishka is asked by Sonia if the attack was her doing. Malishka and Kiran inform her that she didn’t. If Sonia discovers it to be a lie, she declares she won’t support them. Malishka begs for her trust. Sonia moves on. Malishka claims that after she punched me, everyone is leaving. Ayush pretends to strike Malishka, but he doesn’t. Kiran and Malishka are tense.


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