Better Call Saul: Bob Odenkirk Released An Update On Drama Season 6

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

Since Better Call Saul fans received season 5 of the drama in April 2020 via AMC, they have not seen any new episodes. Two months after a year since the last release, viewers are still waiting.

The wait for season 6 will be longer than everyone imagined; Since this Friday, February 26, the director of operations of AMC Networks Ed Carroll, during a conference call said that the launch of the new episodes will be in the first quarter of 2022.

However, the important thing is that the filming of the next episodes will begin in a few days, and the interpreter of Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman, Bob Odenkirk has just confirmed this through an interview with the specialized website The Collider.

During the interview, Better Call Saul’s lead actor confirmed when filming will begin for the sixth and final installment of AMC’s crime drama in New Mexico, the filming location for the series.

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Better Call Saul Season 6

There are still a lot of loose ends to tie up for Jimmy (Odenkirk), Kim ( Rhea Seehorn ), Mike ( Jonathan Banks ), and the rest of the Better Call Saul cast and with the end in sight, fans have gotten very little information. on what to expect in this upcoming final season.

As Odenkirk chatted with The Collider’s Steven Weintraub about his new movie Nobody, he confirmed that he would be traveling to New Mexico on February 26 to begin filming the latest installment of Better Call Saul. At the same time, the opportunity was taken to ask about what is coming with the final season of the AMC series.

In this regard, the interpreter of Saul Goodman shared some details about the plot of season 6 and what the creator of the drama Vince Gilligan has prepared for the end:

“I’m figuring out script by script [how the season is going]. They told me the wheels came off in season 6 and exploded in a million directions. That sounds like there is a lot of violence to me, but I don’t know for sure. We have one. discussion in which my point of view is that Walter White became an angry and broken version of himself. I wonder if it would be possible to write, because I like the guy, I wonder if it would be possible to give Jimmy McGill a better ending, a better place to end than where it started. I don’t know if they’re going to do that though. “

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