Barkha denigrates Anupama because of Pakhi: Anupama

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

 Show Anupama will witness the intense drama as she discovers Adhik with Pakhi. Pakhi will defend her legal adult status. Vanraj asks Anupama if she’s okay in today’s episode. Anupama kept quiet. Vanraj claims that both parents and kids make mistakes. He continues by saying that it can be challenging to decide how to discipline an adult child who makes a mistake. Vanraj thinks Kinjal made the correct decision by giving Paritosh a second chance. Anupama corrects Kinjal for offering a second chance rather than a pardon.

She requests that Vanraj and Leela not misunderstand or put Kinjal under pressure to mend her friendship with Paritosh. According to Anupama, Paritosh might make a good parent. But Kinjal will be the one to determine whether or not she wants to accept Paritosh as her spouse. Vanraj is aware.

Anupama arrives home. Anuj delivers a letter to her. Anuj requests Anupama use his pillow as a vent. Anupama sobs uncontrollably as she recalls Paritosh’s act. She rips the pillow apart. Anuj can barely make out Anupama. He believes letting it out was necessary. Anupama wails in agony. Assisting Anupama is Anuj. Pakhi and Samar are urged not to dislike Paritosh by him. He claims that despite his stubbornness and mistakes, he is not crazy enough to damage Pari. Samar and Pakhi assert that they will never question his paternity. Paritosh claims he’ll stop at nothing to win Kinjal’s pardon. He makes the choice to accept his accountability fairly.


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Anupama will send Paritosh to a facility to deal with his anger issues in the forthcoming episode. Paritosh will say his family farewell. The truth about Pakhi and Adhik’s affair will surface elsewhere. Pakhi and Adhik will be caught by Anupama in a hotel. Anupama’s upbringing will be questioned by Leela. Can Anupama lead Pakhi in the right direction? Only time will tell.

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