Author Academy Award Winner Collaborates with ‘Creative Podcast’ for a Story on Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

Author Academy Award Winner Collaborates with 'Creative Podcast' for a Story on Substance Abuse and Mental Illness


World Health Day Special: Author Academy Award Winner Sandra L. Rostirolla Collaborates with Ajay Tambe’s ‘Creative Podcast’ for a Story on Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

The podcast is releasing on 7th April 2023.

About the Story: “A Mother’s Pain – Coping with the Loss of Sophie to Mental Illness and Addiction”

It’s the story of Sophie, a bright and talented girl from LA. She battled bipolar disorder and depression. Her mother witnessed her daughter’s struggles. But unfortunately, Sophie passed away due to substance abuse and mental health issues.

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The family was devastated, feeling guilty and wondering if they could have done more to help her. In honor of Sophie’s memory, they started a foundation to raise awareness about mental health and substance abuse, hoping to prevent other families from experiencing such heartache.

Sophie’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing mental health issues and substance abuse and making a positive difference in the world.

Releasing on World Health Day & Good Friday Especially! 7th April 2023

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About Author Academy Award Winner Sandra L. Rostirolla:

Sandra L Rostirolla, a native of Sydney, Australia, holds a BAppSc in Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney. After moving to Los Angeles, CA, she received an MBA from La Sierra University in Riverside, CA. Sandra discovered her passion for writing as a creative outlet, which led her to become a lyricist. Her talents caught the attention of composer Kurt Oldman, who co-wrote and produced her CD, THYME.

Sandra’s passion for writing continued to grow, and she began writing screenplays. Her work made the quarterfinals of the American Screenwriters Association Screenwriting Competition, the top 200 of Page International, and the top fifteen percent of the Nicholl Fellowship. She wrote and directed the short animation, The Adventures of Gilbert the Goofball, which was runner-up for Best Animation at the Action on Film Festival. Additionally, her short story, Lucky Quarter, was a finalist for the Rick DeMarinis Short Story Award.

Sandra was selected to participate in the Australians in Film Writers Room, where she workshopped the screenplay version of her novel, Cecilia: The Last Croilar Tier. She then transformed the story into a trilogy called The Cecilia Series. Inspired by her family’s experiences with suicide, Sandra wrote her latest novel, Making Friends with Monsters, a young adult coming-of-age book that tackles the tough emotions that young adults often face but tend to bury. Publishers Weekly Booklife hailed it as an “urgent, unflinching YA novel about the ‘monsters’ of depression and family dysfunction” (Editor’s Pick).

In addition to her writing, Sandra enjoys renovating things around the house and sneaking away with her husband for a last-minute ski trip. She also deals with the unruly strays that seem to enjoy terrorizing her cat.

Sandra’s book, Cecilia: The Last Croilar Tier, has received numerous awards, including the Author Academy Award for Best MG/YA, the Dante Rossetti Award for 1st Place in YA Fiction, the Literary Classics Award for Gold in Best YA/Adventure, the Literary Classics Award for Silver in Best YA/Fantasy, the Eric Hoffer Award as a Finalist, the Wishing Shelf Award as a Finalist, and Five Stars from Readers Favorite.

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