Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13: Release Date, Expected Cast And Everything You Know So Far


Ever since the conflict of this Eledian has finished, Attack on Titan Season 4 reveals the truth previously. Gabi and Falco are looking for Zeke, that they think have betrayed them. They wind up meeting with the South Marley, who welcomed them in their residence. Kaya heads with Falco and Gabi into the city that has been destroyed by the Titans four years back. Kaya has to know Titans killed her parents out of Falco.

The citizens question Hange about why Eren is detained, and she did tell them. She moved to an area that has individuals who expose Eren’s arrest. She informed them that they could be punished for spreading the news to the public. Meanwhile, Armin wanted to get the ice statue which her comrade is inside, but a different soldier quits her. Hitch told Armin that dear customer we are is sorry but no touching allowed here. Armin replies that Titan’s memory has frequently triggered by bodily contact.

Attack on Titan Episode 13 Release Date

Attack Titan Season 4 Episode 13 will release on Monday, 8 March 2021, at 12:10 AM JST on Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, Funimation, and Netflix. More truth about Eren will be released on Sunday. It is possible to check the prior epode and newest development below.

Previously on Strike Titan Episode 12

Armin comments that she thought she might get important information from the frozen comrade. Hitch moves closer towards Armin, who stated she is not thinking about something bad or anything. Hitch remarks that she understands that people would come searching for Annie’s precious info. She appears at the frozen Annie, also Armin asks Hitch not to ban her from arriving here. Hitch answers that she’ll never do that.

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She also said that she is convinced that Annie is tired of just having her chatting partner. Hitch looks at frozen Annie and comments she does is sleeping and Annie is so common. The two left the room and walked together, talking about Annie. Hitch reveals that she does not mind Yelena being connected to Annie.

She inquires Armin if she understands about what’s happening in the world. Armin said, and she gives a newspaper to find what is occurring. Armin discovered that the military is continuing to cling to power and unjustly detain Eren Yeager. The concern to the army is at its boiling point. The army is refusing to reveal why Eren is arrested, and the taxpayers are not delighted with it. Earlier, when Kiyomi saw Paradise Island, Eren did not accept Zeke’s idea.

Hang and the other was agreeing and decided to break Eren and another soldier. Zeke’s ideas came with Kiyomi who her eyes are looking for money. Eren refuses to take it since it will influence the lives of kids, family, and livestock. Hang did not have a choice but to betray Eren. The truth about Eren being arrested will be shown soon.

Armin continues to read that the army can’t even reveal the existence of Zeke or the Rumbling. Unexpectedly, Armin and Hitch see the citizens protesting. They say that just Eren could save Eldia. Just Yeager can avenge our eaten citizens; the new Eldian Empire can’t exist without Eren Yeager. One of the soldiers arrived and requested Hitch to help them prevent the protest. Hitch heads to help them whining that it is more work.

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