Attack On Titan S4 Part 3 Review | A Hopeless Romantic Turned Into Mass Genocide (Heavy Spoilers)

Love tales are not common in the world of Attack on Titan. The show does not really deal with romance other than Mikasa's unwavering love for Eren. Amongst all the violence and despair, this episode slips in a little romance.

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Attack on Titan is now in its home stretch. The first episode, “The Last Chapters (Part One),” runs for an entire hour and combines several episodes to offer us an epic beginning to the finale.

As stated, MAPPA Studios did not mince words. Long ago, the show ceased to be a purebred shonen series. Attack on Titan effectively declares that there will be no happy ending with this episode. They eliminated absolution, which has been a defining feature of most anime since the dawn of time.

Below, we’ll go into the most recent episode. IMPORTANT SPOILERS NEXT!

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Attack On Titan is ‘Depressing’

The Rumbling is seen randomly trampling through the planet at the start of the episode. People may be seen scurrying in vain for higher ground while being unable to keep up with the speed of 1,000 colossal titans that are paraded. In the midst of the turmoil, two little boys are seen discussing plans to save money for the upcoming winter, only to be trampled by a Titan’s enormous foot.

This graphic scenario highlights the conclusion arc, which states that regular people going about their daily lives are completely unimportant. The series frequently draws analogies to the atrocities of actual conflict, particularly World War Two. One of those moments is now.

Love in the midst of The Rumbling

Love tales are not common in the world of Attack on Titan. The show does not really deal with romance other than Mikasa’s unwavering love for Eren. But in amongst all the violence and despair, this episode slips in a little romance.

Attack On Titan

As she saved his life while she was a Female Titan, Annie seemed to have had a soft place for Armin from the beginning. On his many trips to her crystalline form, Armin expressed his feelings in return.

When they go to an island where they expect to join a flying boat, the two finally have a chance to discuss it. We witness the perpetually deadpan Somewhat flushed, Annie. Yet, disaster is given in their relationship. A happy life together is quite difficult to imagine given their decisions. Annie is unable to consider herself deserving of Armin’s love in light of the lives she has devastated, including those of Levi’s previous squad.

Attack On Titan

Armin tries in vain to comfort Annie by bringing up his own war misdeeds. He probably won’t be able to undo what he did to the Marleyan port the night Eren destroyed Liberio.

Shinzou Wo Sasageyo (Devote Your Heart)

No one was more enthusiastic about Titans than the squinty, contagious Hange Zoe. She decides to go out and pursue her passion for up-close encounters with the enormous Titans while also dispatching a couple of them.

Her squad has more time to refuel the flying boat (which is their strange word for a plane) and flee the rumble as she is burned to death by the steam from the Colossal Titans. She passes away in a blaze of glory. The idea of passing away while slaying Titans has Hange dizzy with delight.

Attack On Titan

Although not making the scene any easier to see, it feels very her. She was a strong, witty, and silly leader who never lost herself in the position. In a nod to their former commander Erwin Smith, Levi places his fist on her heart before she makes her ultimate sacrifice and utters the words that have broken the hearts of all of his fans: Shinzou Wa Sasageyo, offer your heart.

Attack On Titan

We also got one last look at Erwin, Hannes, and good old Marco as they ushered Hange into the afterlife after her sacrifice.

‘We’re the same Reiner’

Eren met Reiner in a run-down cellar under the stage in Liberio the night he attacked, absorbed the War Hammer giant, and lit the fuse that sparked the Rumbling. We are the same, Reiner,” a cool and collected Eren remarked before morphing into the Attack Titan and tearing the internment zone apart.

Reiner never forgot what he had said. They gave shape to his darkest fear: the nagging doubt that the residents of Paradis Island weren’t really “devils” after all.

The scenario has entirely changed by the time Jean says the same thing to Reiner after they had gotten on the flying boat. Eren is now viewed as a genocidal monster determined to eradicate humanity rather than the hope for Eldian liberty.

Reiner acknowledges that he does, however, comprehend Eren’s perspective. Reiner is the first to put Eren’s anti-heroism forth because he has experienced what it is like to slaughter people for the greater good. He implies that Eren is carrying a weight rather than simply reveling in the killing. He might want the other characters to intervene and stop him.

While he speaks, Reiner turns to look at Mikasa, which may indicate how Eren may behave. Perhaps, despite their animosity towards one another, Reiner is the one who truly comprehends Eren.

How Attack On Titan redefined ‘Freedom’

Eren Yeager has always desired freedom ever since he began reading Armin’s books as a young child. In the end, he saw that independence was impossible if the outside world did not permit Paradis Island to exist. He then accepted the task of eradicating the remainder of the earth. He does not, however, restrict his companions’ ability to stop him.

Attack On Titan

Eren makes it clear that he will not put an end to the Rumbling before returning Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Reiner, Connie, Pieck, and Levi to the Coordinates. Although he could do so with the Founder’s talents, he also pledges not to take away their Titan abilities.

There is just one thing for us to do, he states emphatically. Fight.” Eren gives everyone an option, no matter how difficult that choice may be since it is what he believes in.

We have long observed that doing what is right rarely comes naturally. However, in Attack on Titan, we come to understand that sometimes doing what is right is simply what one has to do, regardless of whether it is the good, kind, or just thing to do.

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