Attack on Titan promotion previews the arrival of the Titan War Hammer

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Attack on Titan The promotion for the next episode is teasing the arrival of the War Hammer Titan Attack on Titan season four and final is well underway, and after a few episodes of establishing the ideologies of those struggling on the other side of the conflict, the series is beginning its endgame altogether. After teasing that he was in Marley for the last few episodes, the most recent episode of the final season confirmed that Eren Jeager is indeed ready to enact whatever plans he and the Survey Corps have put in place with their infiltration of the country.

After a massive cliffhanger that saw Eren activating his Titan ability and taking out Willy Tybur in a declaration of all-out war against Marley, the fight between the two sides will now fully begin. But while Eren has brought his Titan ability to Marley, Marley is about to do his best in his defense as well with Titan’s final ability yet to be revealed, the War Hammer Titan.

The War Hammer Titan was teased for being in possession of the Tybur family in an earlier episode of the final season, and while Marley was shown to have some mighty Titans in his possession in the first episode of the new season, this one still had to make its debut. But with the promotion of Episode 65 of the series, War Hammer Titan is finally coming to anime in an effort to fight the Eren Titan rampage.

Just as Reiner and the other warriors used their Titan abilities in the heart of the Eldian region, Eren has now done the same with a direct attack on one of the most powerful families in the Marley region. But while this declaration of war will in fact damage some of Marley’s forces, it is also in such a densely populated area that Eren will likely kill a group of citizens in the crossfire of fighting the War Hammer Titan.

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But what are you hoping to see in Attack on Titan next episode? Are you curious to see how strong the War Hammer Titan will be compared to the Attack Titan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all the animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter !

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