Ashwin Salunke: The visionary behind the lens of RVCJ Media

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Ashwin Salunke

Ashwin Salunke is a man with foresighted vision and is bundled with creativity with very minute attention to detail. He has led a stalwartly way for the success of the vertical of video production at RVCJ Media. His magnificent contribution has led to the high rising stature of the brand of RVCJ Media while he has laid his expertise in over 200 YouTube Videos, 30+ ad films along 3 web show on the platform.

Since 2016, he has been associated with RVCJ Media and it’s for his impeccable work and innovations that he brings to the table, that he has led from the front in various capacities of a producer and ideator while giving his technical supervision in creating breathtaking visual masterpieces.

Having begun his journey with promotional videos for Bollywood movies at RVCJ Media, the craft of Ashwin and his team got traction like wildfire and in no time, viewers from across age groups flocked to garner millions of views to their interviews with celebs, vox pop, concept videos (Skits), etc.

Some of their most cherished promotional videos that took the audiences by storm revolved around stellar movies like Harry Met Sejal, Shivay, Judwa 2, Raees, Stree, Badhai Ho, to name a few.

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It was this unprecedented love and support showered upon their videos that the team at RVCJ Media came up with some very entertaining fictional content which was broadcasted on YouTube across genres that attracted the millennial audiences such as romantic, comedy, spoofs & satirical videos.

In a short span, the YouTube channel of RVCJ Media has amassed millions of subscribers and views that cross charts. Their content is hailed for being instantly viral, all thanks to the in-depth understanding of the skilled team of RVCJ Media of their audiences.

Speaking about what leads him to come up with such entertaining and massly followed content, Ashwin says,” I draw my inspiration from characters that are a mix of imagination with reality. A lot of it stems from interesting individuals that I come across who are then painted in a way that we sense would be the most entertaining for our audiences. I accredit my team for having faith in my vision and that is how we collaborate and corroborate mutually for what has been appreciated by our viewers and we strive to give them better quality and quantity with each new project of ours”.

Ashwin Salunke has spearheaded several successful projects that have led them to prove their mettle, so much so, that he was able to introduce very promising talent in his creations which became an asset for the industry.

Ashwin Salunke and his team are propelled towards consistently breaking industry standards and challenging themselves to stand tall on the expectations of this constantly changing ecosystem. Their high ideals are depicted from the commitment and precision that has helped them to feature in some of the top entertaining platforms of the country and they continue to strengthen this legacy of theirs.

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