Aryan Khan Finally Granted Bail After Spending 21 Days In Prison

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

After being in jail for 21 days Aryan Khan was finally granted bail on Thursday. It was a big relief for father Shah Rukh Khan. Beside Aryan Khan the other two Arbaaz Merchant, and Munmun Dhamecha as the three got bail in the drugs case. While the full bail order is yet to come, the three kids are expected to walk out of the Arthur Road jail Friday, or on Saturday.

While trying for Aryan Khan’s Bail in the Bombay High Court on Thursday. Senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi gave reply to NCB’s response.

On behalf of Aryan Khan ,Rohatgi said , “There were 1,300 people on the cruise. I did not know anybody else except Arbaaz and Achit. Their (NCB’s) case is — it is no coincidence and therefore it is a conspiracy. Conspiracy is a meeting of the minds. It cannot be based on coincidence. You (NCB) have failed to prove meeting of minds with these eight people and therefore called them independently. There is absolutely no material for the purpose of the conspiracy.”

ASG Anil Singh who argued on behalf of NCB ,countered attack Rohtagi and replied to him and said  ‘Aryan is not a first-hand consumer but regular consumer since last 2 years. Aryan’s bail plea was given to court for three days in a row before granting him bail.

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During arguments on Wednesday, Aryan’s lawyer Amit Desai said that the NCB didn’t conduct any blood test on Aryan Khan . Therefore, no claims of consumption of drugs can be actually be valid because there was no test.

And also added by saying it a ‘trap’ by the NCB, the senior advocate told the court, “If the NCB officers went there to find people consuming drugs, they can do blood testing of all those. There is no blood test where consumption is proved.”

Amit Desai also told the court that even though nothing was found in Aryan Khan. NCB did not conduct his medical test and arrested him on fall accusations. He said in the court that “bail is the rule and jail is the exception. Now it is arrest is the rule and bail is the exception.”

Aryan Kham was arrested on October 3 from a drug raid Party by the Narcotics Control Bureau officers. He was kept at the Arthur Road Jail along with another accused Arbaaz Merchant. Whereas, another Munmun Dhamecha was at Byculla women prison.

There were total of 20 people that were arrested. It also included two Nigerian national people. They all have been arrested so far in the Mumbai drugs case in which Aryan and the other two kids were arrested.

The NCB claimed that he was part of the WhatsApp group and that revealed his involvement in illicit drug dealings and consumption.

Aryan Khan case turned into a debate whether his arrest is justified. Even though no drugs were found on him also there was no signs of him using it.

The fans of Shah Rukh Khan flooded the social media by saying g it’s a witch- hunt kind of thing and Aryan Khan was targeted knowingly and the arrest cannot be justified.

After his bail was rejected twice now he will finally be getting bail.

Mr. Rohatgi said the arrest was wrong and infringed on his constitutional guarantees. He also told the court that the case against Aryan was built entirely on two-year-old WhatsApp chats that were “irrelevant” and had nothing to do with the cruise.

“These are young boys. They can be sent to rehab and they need not undergo trial,” Mr. Rohatgi said.

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