Argentina Won The Copa America Final With 1-0 Goal

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Argentina Won The Copa America Final

The high voltage match had a lot of talking done through press conferences. Neymar was in tears after the match finishes as Brazil could not even score a single goal. The match scoreline was 1-0. Argentina’s senior pro, Di Maria scored a goal in the 22nd minute of the match, and Brazil had 13 shots but only two on target.

Their side couldn’t convert those as Aregntinaa’s goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez kept the scoreline clean with some superb defending. Brazil was the favorite, but the crowd wanted Messi to have a nice farewell. It was his last appearance at the Copa America tournament. Neymar was crying, and he didn’t forget to congratulate his friend and Barcelona teammate, Lionel Messi, amid all the chaos. The Maracana stadium of Trio De Janerio kept roaring for Neymar and Brazil. Still, all in vain as the visiting team had other plans. 

Messi is often accused of underperforming or not performing the way he does for his club Barcelona. All his critics would have taken a back seat now as this is his first major trophy. He will be leading the same side in the Football World Cup in Qatar, which is scheduled exactly after a year. Argentina’s football team was under heavy scrutiny before the tournament, but the same will now happen with Brazil. The Brazilian media is very critical of their team performance. 

There are chances that we might see some changes in the team that Brazil will be sending for Olympics this year. They are the defending champions there and have won Olympic gold just once. Coming to the match, it had a bit of everything, but Di Maria’s goal was scored in the entire match. Neymar’s side poor defending was the reason Argentina got past their defenders as they had less possession than Brazil and had just six shots in the entire match. Still, they scored when it mattered the most and added a new trophy in their armory. Argentina’s last major win was Copa America win in 1991. They haven’t won a single major trophy since then. They came close after reaching the finals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup but lost to Germany. 

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Messi led his team from the front and scored 4 goals in the tournament. A little low from his standard, but still, all those counted for Argentina reaching the finals. The finals saw two legendary captains giving it all. Still, it was the senior pro-Messi who made no mistake and put extra men for defending after scoring a goal to maintain the lead. The next eyes will be on the FIFA world cup next year, which will be Lionel Messi’s last world cup.   

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