Are There Any New Cast Members In Succession Season 3?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Succession also referred to as the media’s favorite TV series to mention on Twitter, wrapped up its second season in 2019 using a masterful bombshell of a finale. The series, which focuses on the inner politics and machinations of the Roy family business (Fox-like gigantic media corporation Waystar Royco), is one of the best dramas on television. Even though it might not have same the cultural reach as HBO megalith Game of Thrones, it’s just as much of the awards preferred for the community picking up 18 nominations and seven wins, including Best Drama Series, at the 2020 Emmys and is even more fun to obsessively break down and relive.

Given the series’ high stakes and critical praise, a third season seemed like a foregone conclusion even before it was confirmed in August 2019 while Season 2 aired. We are looking forward to everything we know about Succession Season 3, and in which the long run stands for one of the most fucked-up families on tv.

When Will Succession Season 3 Premiere?

After production was suspended for months due to this pandemic, Deadline affirmed in February 2021 that the series was eventually filming again. The publication reported that HBO and HBO Max chief content officer Casey Bloys said”his expectation” was for the series to be back on air in the previous quarter of 2021, even though he was quick to note that he was considering that time frame as though it were a”normal world” right now. It does seem plausible, though particularly since WarnerMedia (which owns HBO) already supported in overdue 2020 that the show would return in 2021. If the series winds up shooting this spring, then move into the post this summertime, it sounds like we’ll be back into the warm embrace of these cold-hearted jerks sometime this fall.

Who’ll Return For Succession Season 3?

Succession would not be anything without the Roys. That usually means the series’ main cast will return for the third year, so we’ll be seeing more of this Roys, including Logan (Brian Cox), Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin), Shiv (Sarah Snook), Marcia (Hiam Abbass), and Connor (Alan Ruck). We can also expect Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) and Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron) to return for Season 3 also. And of course, Succession could always use some great old Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun).

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We’ll also be seeing a bit more of some familiar faces. In December 2020, Deadline noted that cast members Justine Lupe, David Rasche, and Fisher Stevens, that play Willa Ferreya, Karl Muller, and Hugo Baker, respectively, have been upped to series regulars. You will remember Willa as Connor’s aspiring playwright girlfriend, Karl as Waystar RoyCo’s principal financial officer, and Hugo as the company’s senior communications executive. Might that mean we’ll see Connor in a full-fledged presidential campaign? It’s possible! Regardless, it is going to be satisfying to see even more of this harvest of corporate slime balls.

Are There Any New Cast Members In Succession Season 3?

Succession is rounding out its elite Manhattanite world more in Season 3 with a couple of fresh faces. While the series started production in early 2021, a handful of additions to the cast were announced, as reported by Variety. Sanaa Lathan (Love & Basketball, The Affair), Linda Emond (Lodge 49), and Korean recording artist Jihae (Mortal Engines) are taking on characters. Lathan is said to play high-profile attorney Lisa Arthur, Emond will play (the heavily named) Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven, a senior White House aide, and Jihae is portraying”leading public relations consultant” Berry Schneider. As of right now, it’s uncertain who Lathan’s character will soon be representing, if we’re in for much more marketing blunders, or possibly some image cleanup before Conor’s ridiculous presidential run, but they sound like exciting improvements all over.

What Is Going To Succession Season 3 Be About?

After a killer Season 1 finale, Season two promised to be even more drama-filled for the Roy family, and boy did it deliver. The Season 2 finale concluded with Kendall choosing to accuse his father of gross misconduct in front of a televised audience instead of taking the fall for Waystar Royco’s cruise ship scandal, which is far from the first time Kendall has stabbed the Roy patriarch from the back. When Logan told Kendall from the season finale he didn’t possess the killer drive required to take within the company, however, you knew it was in the cards for Ken to drop another bomb on his daddy. Season 3 will tackle the fallout from the next time Kendall betrayed Logan he can’t endure this blow? Does this imply Shiv is”the one?”

In the aftermath of Kendall developing a spine again, all of the Roy children seem like viable players to helm Waystar Royco. Among the concepts now floating around about Season 3 is that it’ll be Roman-focused. Entertainment Weekly asked celebrity Kieran Culkin in regards to the theory, to which he responded, “Well if you look in the first year, [it seemed] that Kendall was going to be [Logan’s] guy, and then he wasn’t. Then this year, it seems like Shiv is going to be the man and now it’s starting to look like she is not. So, perhaps next year is Roman’s turn”

In a digital cast reunion hosted by Variety earlier in June,” Cox explained that creator Jesse Armstrong had revealed his plans for the third season, which”It’s jolly exciting, that’s all I can say. It’s very, very surprising what is going to occur.”

There are plenty of questions begging resolution in Season 3. Is Logan likely to finally be held accountable? Will Roman receive more of this show’s interest? Can Gerri phone him”slime puppy” again? Can Tom have to split a little more Greggs? For Succession, the future is wide open.

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