Apple Announces New Airpods Case With a Touch Screen

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

A forthcoming AirPods case that is rumored to have a built-in touchscreen display has been designed, according to Apple. According to a recently disclosed patent, this technology will enable users to engage with linked devices’ applications and manage audio sources.

Apple airpods

The patent application was submitted by the maker of the iPhone in September 2021. The news was released this week by the US Patent & Trademark Office.

The phrase “Audio output device cases are usually passive devices used to charge audio output devices” appears in the patent application. An interactive user interface can increase the utility of a headphone case and user control of wireless headphones.

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What would be the Advantages: Touch Screen Airpods?

Controls for playback, as well as options for switching audio sources and output formats. A case with prospective modifications like a touchscreen display, “tactile output generators” (i.e. haptics), as well as its own processor and memory, is how Apple sees the answer to this demand.


The casing unit would display useful functions and apps like Navigation, Weather, notifications, and audio controls. Users could utilize Siri to switch between programs and functions because the patent also covers voice commands.

Apple Airpod

Yet this isn’t the first time a tech company has introduced a smart charging cover with built-in user features. It is still unclear what shape the case will take or what function it would serve. The obvious use is as an external companion to a traditional music source like an iPhone or even a HomePod. But there’s a chance Apple will permit the updated case to be used as a standalone item. With the essential features of an Apple Watch. It could be used with the AirPods without the need for a separate source, somewhat like an updated reimagining of the old iPod Nano 7.


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