Anupama: best friend Devika, returns to help with Pakhi’s wedding


Anupama, a popular daily serial on Star Plus, is offering drama and fascinating twists. Pakhi doesn’t appear to be on the same page as Anupama and Anuj as they work to make things better. She informed by Anuj that he has reserved caterers. He requests that Anupama attend another event. Anuj is already helping Pakhi, Anupama informs him. Anuj tells Anupama that because Pakhi is her daughter, he can look out for her best interests. If the house is hers, according to Anupama, Pakhi cannot reside there.

Kavya tells Vanraj in today’s episode that Pakhi would stay with them until the wedding. Vanraj is speechless. He queries Kavya as to whether Pakhi’s wedding is happening at their residence. Vanrj is informed by Kavya about Pakhi’s wedding plans. Vanraj advises him to leave the house if Pakhi is on the way. Vanraj is persuaded by Kavya to accompany Pakhi on his special day.

Barkha is provoking Pakhi’s tantrums while she is preoccupied

Pakhi  persuaded to visit the Shah home by Adhik. Pakhi feels insulted. Adhik and Pakhi interrupted by Barkha, who informs them that she must attend her brother’s wedding. She claims that Adhik is to her like a son. When Barkha shows Pakhi the necklace. Informs her that although it purchased for Adhik’s wife, the wedding  actually held in the Shah residence.

Pakhi persuaded by Barkha that Anupama does not desire a grandiose wedding for her. Adhik reminds Pakhi that while he does reside at the Kapadia home, he is not one of them. He requests Pakhi to keep track of their situation. Shahs get ready for Pakhi’s nuptials. Pakhi’s request for a designer lehenga will made in the future episode. Barkha will propose a piece for 25 lacs. Devika will arrive to satisfy Pakhi’s request within Shah’s budget. It would be fascinating to see how Barkha responds when Devika comes back.

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