Anupama and Vanraj team up once more to make Pakhi and Anuj jealous


Pakhi is thrilled to meet Adhik in today’s episode. She gets all dressed up. Adhik, too, prepares to meet Pakhi. Rakhi, Anupama, Kinjal, Barkha, Kavya, and others arrive to the resort. Rakhi instructs the other ladies to keep their phones charged but not to answer them unless there is an emergency. Anupama makes the decision to call Anuj. Rakhi and Kavya request that Anupama set her phone aside and not offer any excuses.

Anupama makes another excuse. She mentions that Anuj is sick and that he might require her to inquire for medication. Leela claims that her reason isn’t worth it. Anupama receives a phone call from Anuj. She chooses to answer the phone. Rakhi and Kavya request that a phone call be placed in front of them.

The truth about Pakhi and Adhik’s affair will rekindle the drama between the Kapadias and the Shahs

Anuj tells Anupama that he misses her. Anupama stranded with the females. Anuj requests that Anupama say “I love you.” Anupama pauses. Anuj refuses to hang up the phone until Anupama responds, “I love you.” Anupama says, “I adore you.” Kavya, Leela, Kinjal, and Rakhi cry. Anuj joins Vanraj, Samar, Gk, Ankush, Hasmuk, and Jignesh in celebrating. Vanraj is missing Paritosh. Samar says they’ll rejoice once Paritosh returns. Anuj claims that all of the men would pitch in to assist with the cooking. Vanraj claims he has no culinary skills. Ankush inquires of Vanraj as to what he does at home. Vanraj responds with what he does not do. Anuj interrupted the conversation.

Anupama will encounter Pakhi and Adhik at the resort in the future episode. Anupama’s upbringing will be called into question by Leela. It would be fascinating to see how Anupama handles Pakhi’s situation. Keep an eye on Anupama. Monday-Sunday, 10 p.m., Star Plus

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