Animal Kingdom Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And All New Latest Information

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Despite what the title suggests, Animal Kingdom is not a wildlife documentary. Instead, based on David Michod’s 2010 film of the same name, it is an American crime drama television series. Debuting in June 2016, the show has four seasons to date. Additionally, the fourth and most recent season premiered on May 28, 2019. The series’ first season ran for ten episodes. However, the next three seasons consist of thirteen episodes each. Additionally, Jonathan Lisco developed the series for TNT.

Since its launch, the show has managed to gather a loyal following. Additionally, the series has been a critical and commercial success.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Release Date

The popularity of the series practically guaranteed its renewal. So it came as no surprise when TNT renewed the show for the fifth season in July 2019. But we don’t have an exact release date yet. Filming for the fifth season began earlier this year. However, due to the pandemic, manufacturers stopped production. Also, we don’t expect it to resume until things are back to normal. Anyway, we will let you know as soon as we receive an update. For now, we assume that the new season will have a release in 2021 at the earliest.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Possible Cast

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The team behind the show has not yet released many details about the cast. However, we understand that it will remain more or less the same. With that in mind, we expect Ellen Barkin to reappear as Janine’s Smurf’ Cody. However, we do not believe that it appears in a regular role. Shawn Hatosy will also return to play Andrew Cody.

Additionally, Scott Speedman will also reprise the role of Barry Blackwell. And they will be joined by Ben Robson (Craig Cody), Jake Weary (Deran Cody). Of course, others will also return from the previous season.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Expected Plot

From what we know, we believe that season five will pick up directly after the events of last season. Season four saw Smurf die at the hands of Joshua. And as we understand, the new season will mainly deal with the disappearance of the matriarch. We also assume that Season 5 will delve deeper into Smurf’s past. Also, with Smurf gone, members of the Cody family will fight each other for first place. Also, there’s the matter of Joshua wanting power for himself. All of this will have an immense impact on the plot of the fifth season.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Trailer

Although a full trailer is not available at this time, the creators released a short trailer a while ago. Fans can watch it here.

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