Andrew Tate RELEASED After 3 Months Behind The Bar

The kickboxing brothers were detained in Bucharest at the end of December of last year and have been there ever since despite numerous pleas.

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Following a successful appeal against their arrest, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have been freed from a Romanian prison.

The kickboxing brothers were detained in Bucharest at the end of December of last year and have been there ever since despite numerous pleas. The controversial influencers were successful in appealing last week’s decision to increase their incarceration by another 30 days. They were unsuccessful in overturning a decision to refuse them bail earlier this week.

Together with two Romanian women who were also detained in connection with the inquiry, they will now be put under home arrest.

Andrew Tate

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Tate brothers under the House Arrest

“We are happy to announce the Romanian justice system authorized Andrew and Tristan Tate’s appeal against last week’s extension judgment,” a spokeswoman for the Tates told Mirror Fighting. As the inquiry goes on, they will be under house arrest.

“We are grateful that the judge and courts permitted the brothers to go back to their homes. The boys wish to express their gratitude to all of the people who have stood by them throughout this ordeal and look forward to being reunited with their family in Romania,” said the representative.

Andrew Tate

“This is a major step in the right direction, but they will keep fighting to have these false claims dropped against them,” later added.

Before the hearing on Wednesday, the two had made a total of five attempts to be released. The two brothers, who at the time of publication were not officially charged, may have been detained in this way for a total of six months as part of their “preventative arrest.”

Andrew Tate is at risk of ‘Flight’, hence the house arrest for now

Mateea Petrescu, the director of Tate’s communications, stated to Sky News from outside the jail which she praised the judges in today’s appeals court for being “thorough” and “taking the time to understand that they are not a flight risk and are not a danger to public safety, therefore they have decided to release them under house arrest.”

Even if they are still being investigated, this is simply a little step in the direction of letting them go home rather than to jail. The Tate family was allegedly inside with their solicitor performing “due diligence,” according to Petrescu, who also said that more details regarding the circumstances of their release would be made public in due course.

Andrew Tate

Petrescu responded when asked how the boys were doing: “They seem to be utterly ecstatic, in my opinion. They have their spirits, they’re ecstatic, and I don’t think they have any other thoughts right now but want to return home, eat a home-cooked meal, and resume their normal lives. They’re in good condition. They have remained upbeat throughout.”

When asked how the Tate family feels about their treatment, Petrescu responded, “They consider they have been treated fairly within the Romanian Legal system,” before hurriedly leaving the camera to wait for their release.

Andrew Tate

Both brothers have maintained social media activity while being in prison throughout the year. Andrew’s page often updates his 5.4 million followers. Tristan continues to share tweets with his 1 million Twitter followers each month despite being less active.

Andrew Tate is a Misogynist?

Holding misogynistic ideas, Andrew was previously banned from social media. One especially offensive post claimed that women “carry blame” for sexual assault. Despite being suspended, Tate was able to reclaim his Twitter account and garner millions of followers. Once Elon Musk took over the company and allowed several contentious pages to reappear.

The Tate brothers’ property was previously raided by Romanian authorities. They seized material that they estimate to be worth $3.9 million. The brothers have appealed their imprisonment thrice, but each time the court dismissed their case. The accusations made against the brothers are refuted.

Andrew Tate

After an earlier effort at release, a Tate representative stated last week. “The court has decided to extend the Tate brothers’ preventative arrest. The news has left us unable to speak. The brothers were given the chance to demonstrate all legal guarantees. They are not a flight danger at their first encounter with the judge, which was very dynamic.

They are the first to call for an investigation into this matter. The significant pecuniary losses they have incurred are insignificant in light of the moral losses. It will take years to restore their reputation, trust, and relationship. Among the general people, their image has been irreversibly damaged.

During a less illustrious career in the ring, Tristan, 34, earned titles at the European level. While Andrew, 36, is a four-time world kickboxing champion. But, they became enormous social media stars last summer after going viral for several contentious videos. That prompted worried viewers to label them misogynistic and dangerous. This is when their fame began to spread outside of sports.

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