American Gods: Neil Gaiman Announces Season 3 Premiere Date

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

Neil Gaiman has announced that season 3 of American Gods will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on January 11, 2021. In the United States, it will premiere a day before through Starz.

Gaiman revealed the release date in a picture of the Lakeside Clunker Board from Hinzelmann’s store. A place that fans will recognize as a visual reference to their best-selling original book. Gaiman also wrote a special letter to fans of the series, in which he addressed the new relevance of the upcoming season’s plot. He said that he had always wanted “the characters and their travels” to be the center of the story, although he had not realized that the struggles of the gods would mirror the struggles of America.

“When we embarked on season three of American Gods, we had no idea how timely it would turn out. We knew we wanted to go back to what people loved and what it answered in the book: that it was time for Shadow to go to the small town. from Lakeside and try to immerse himself in normalcy.

And at the same time, in season three, we wanted to focus on the characters and their travels. Show Shadow forging a path guided by the gods of his ancestors, becoming more of himself as he decides who he is and which side he is on; if the side of humanity or that of the gods.

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We also knew that we wanted to continue anchoring the story in the landscapes of America. Explore what ‘America’ means to its people and talk about immigrants; about the people who came to this land and brought their gods with them. The new gods of cell phones, apps, and glitter demand our attention and love, and the old gods want to mean again.

America should be for all of us, and it is what American Gods should reflect. This season it feels like it does. It’s packed with drama and emotion, from the real to the downright bizarre, and features some of the best performances we’ve seen on the show so far. It will bring back our favorite characters, some in surprising new shapes, and we will meet people and gods we have never met before. I’m proud of our wonderful cast, Ricky and Emily, Yetide and Ian, Bruce, Demore, Omid, and everyone else, as well as what the writers have done to continue to tell this story.

The battles between the gods and humanity in the third season of American Gods are the battles of America. When we came up with it, we didn’t think it would be so timely, nor did I think, when I wrote it more than 20 years ago, that the novel would still be relevant. But I’m glad it’s happening now, in a year when it seems that diverse stories are being heard and honored, and that the future can be transformed.

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