“American Gods”: Season 3 Release Date Revealed

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty
American Gods Season 3

Fans of Neil Gaiman and the television adaptation of his novel ” American Gods ” will be pleased to know that the third season of the series already has a release date, scheduled for January 10, 2021. This after the new episodes faced a long and tortuous production cycle, which not only had to face the health crisis caused by the pandemic.

The series has undergone a host of personal changes, including the firing of actor Orlando Jones . The first preview of the new season would have been unveiled during New York Comic-Con , with Gaiman , who serves as executive producer, who announced his return via Twitter.

The author also addressed some of the changes that the series would face regarding its own theme, which throughout its development has continued to show a mythological allegory about the political and social division that the United States faces in the actuality.

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“When we embarked on doing season three, we had no idea how timely it would turn out,” writes Gaiman . “We knew we wanted to go back to what people loved and he responded in the book; that it was time for Shadow to go to the small town in Lakeside and try to lose himself in normalcy. And at the same time, this season we wanted to focus on the characters and their travels. ”

To show Shadow forging a path guided by the gods of his ancestors, becoming more of himself while deciding who he is and whose side he is on, humanity in the gods.

Gaiman refers to the part of the original novel in which Shadow abandons Mr. Wednesday and takes refuge in a quiet town. A moment considered crucial in the development of the character, and which fans have waited for the series to be able to address. 

Gaiman assures that the battle of the old gods against the gods of apps, glitter and cell phones is used as an analogy regarding what America means to its inhabitants and catch a conversation about immigrants. “The struggles of the gods and the people in season three are the struggles of America .”

“We didn’t think we could prove how timely it would be by planning it, and I didn’t think the novel would still be relevant when I wrote it 20 years ago. But I am happy that it is happening now, in a year that feels that diverse stories are heard, honored and allow them to change the future ”, he concludes.

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