Amazon Prime “Free Timeless Medley” Arrives on the platform

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

For those who are fans of Japanese manga, this feature film will please you The Amazon Prime platform announced the imminent arrival of Free: Timeless Medley. We will summarize it for you.

The feature film will be split into two parts and the first part is called “The Bond”. We can translate by “The link” . The film, released in theaters in 2017, was directed by Eisaku Kawanami.

It is in the very select animation studio in Kyoto that the two animated films were entirely made. The second film is also available on the Amazon platform. It’s called The Promise , or the Promise.

Free: Timeless Medley tells Rin’s story . He is part of a swimming club. The young athlete is therefore training hard for the Olympic championships.

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In the first part, Rin and his friends must therefore make choices for college. But all is not going to be easy for the bunch of friends. She will therefore have to separate in order to continue her studies. His friend Makoto therefore wants to pursue a career as a lifeguard for example.

You guessed it, Free: Timeless Medley is therefore establishing itself as the new Japanese anime. And it is to be discovered without further delay. The second part of the film revolves around different axes. MCE TV unveils them to you.

Now graduates, Rin and his friends are starting a new phase in their university life. The young man’s best friend is now at Samezuka Academy. It is a prestigious art school.

In fact, Rin and Sosuke had vowed to continue swimming . But the latter injured his shoulder. He will no longer be able to swim. Sosuke will then pursue his dream of becoming a great swimmer… Despite everything.

Proud of his friend, Sosuke will therefore do everything in his power to get back to the pools … T he as quickly as possible. But will he succeed? His shoulder injury could seriously deteriorate if he tried to make too sudden movements …

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