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Freelancing is the most trusted and genuine way to earn money online. In freelancing you get paid for the equivalent work you do. There are variety of jobs you can do being a freelancer. Logo designing, Article writing, web development and app development are the examples of jobs most freelancers do to earn online. By freelancing there are many people who have earned more than $1000 per month. In freelancing, you have to just find a job that suits you then send a proposal to the job offering client to get the contract or the project and then complete the job and simply earn real money. There are many websites that offer you freelancing services like,,, etc. Create your account today and start earning money.

Stock Photography

If you are a photography enthusiast and capture very professional looking photographs then you should be paid for your talent. In stock photography you can sell your best photographs and earn good amount in return. Make sure that your photos should be of high quality and should look interesting. Simple photos would not earn you money, there should be anything professional in your photo shoots. For selling images you can go to any stock photography website. Show them your sample images, once they will like it they will hire you to sell your images on their website. It’s very good way source for a photographer to earn money online.

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If you are an expert at something and can write daily or periodically articles or contents related to that then you should start blogging. For this, at first you will need a topic of interest and then you will have to build a website where you can upload or showcase your writings. Do all those things and upload as much content you can. Don’t copy articles or writing from other websites as it will affect your earnings. To earn from your blog there are many ways but I recommend using two of them that will drive the maximum earning towards you.

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  • By showing advertisements you can earn very much. Google Adsense is a service which pays you real money in your bank account for showing ads in your website or blog. You have to just simple register in their website and fill out required details. After account verification, you can start earning. Beside Adsense there are more alternatives by which you can show ads on your blog.
  • Sponsoring Products is another recommended way to get money using your blog. You can sponsor any item or product on your website or blog and in return get a good amount. For sponsorships you have to contact the product companies.


YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform where more than 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. Becoming a part of this vast community is not a small thing. If you’re interested in making videos on some topics then you should try Youtubing. The work is very simple just make video and then upload it. Put awesome catchy titles and thumbnails, this would attract people towards your video. After that add a Google Adsense account with your channel which will give you money by displaying ads over your videos.

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