5 Tech Blogs You Need to Follow, Do have a look



Readers have a chance to crunch what is the latest release on technology matters on daily basis and why it matters. Founded in mid-2005, it is a leading technology media property focused on breaking technology news, reviewing the latest internet products, and profiling start-ups. Besides, it has monthly page views in the excess of 37 million with 2 million friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn among others. A good Tech example is Crunchbase which provides investors, start-up firms, and the public with statistical resources and technology. Also, Read

Apple Weblog (Unofficial)

It is unofficial and one of the many sites created and dedicated to ‘Apple gossip’. This one helps readers have a chance to stay up-to-date on the leading tech firms. It follows the steps, dream and vision of Steve Jobs and the creations of the company he founded. For instance, TUAW which balances graphics with creative writing.



This is considered one of the originals with lots of snarkiness and culture illustrating. How technology changes the world around us?  It is all rounded and covers features on business, culture, ideas, science, transportation, security, design, and gear.

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MIT Technology Review

Founded on the principles of talent, skills and creativity. The mission of this blog is to equip the readers and audience with the latest intelligence. So as to understand the present world shaped by technology. Using a simple and clear language supplemented by a knowledgeable editorial team. The review provides an authoritative, articulate, and intelligent filter for the vast information on technology. There are a myriad of features, reviews, photo essays, interactive digital experiences, business analysis, and reports. Readers have an opportunity to examine, explore, and get to know the up-to-date technologies and their impact.


Equipped with entertaining features and updated frequently. It compresses the content from the worlds of social media, news, entertainment. All technology stuff into a blog casserole such that the audience cannot get enough of it.

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