‘All my books are about hope, affection, and Life’ – The writing journey of Susmita Gupta

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Interviewer PR
Susmita Gupta

Susmita Gupta tracks her writing journey that commenced in 2020 with her first book ‘To Love that knows no bounds’, a romantic fiction novel, and in 3 years it has reached book no 5 Newfound Amazing Adventure’ which is an anthology of 26 short stories written by 26 young writers that are discovered and documented with the help of happiness, kindness, affection, and hope.

Susmita Gupta is an Indian Author and Entrepreneur. Her notable works include To Love that knows no bounds, Life is tough be tougher, Newfound Amazing Adventure, was it Love or Lust? and Unforgettable HE. The essence of her writing is accepted and adored by the public. Susmita Gupta is one such writer who has written quite a few books by breaking all stereotypes and holding on to a strong fan base around the world.

Susmita Gupta has indeed created a strong foothold in the writing Industry. Her style of writing is not in the form you would expect of pure English novels. Her writing is very simple and conveys the message of love, life, detachment, and destiny in a very subtle and clear manner. All the characters in her novels portray a bit of everybody and that is what the readers most like about her.

Susmita Gupta is the biggest admirer of her life. She considers her life as the biggest teacher where she has tasted many hardships and failures along with achievements. But with an optimistic attitude, she always kept going and also inspires others to embrace the uncertainty and accept the change in life. Being inspired by Life itself she has penned down the novel Life is tough be tougher based on the concept of LIFE!

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Indian Author Susmita Gupta had set a world record with the International Book of Record for writing and publishing the maximum number of books on the online platform. Besides, she is well-known for being a skilled content writer and founder of the Noida-based advertising agency Ed Innova and the jewelry brand Anaghtara. She has also been honored with an honorary doctorate by MBR for her achievements in the fields of writing and entrepreneurship.

Recently, Susmita Gupta has taken the initiative to recognize significant Indian individuals, brands, and companies. Her company, Ed Innova, supports widely acknowledging the successes of people in all industries in order to encourage and inspire others to follow similarly. It honors the person’s accomplishments as well as their talent, adversity, and, above all, excellence.

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