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Interviewer PR

All American Season 3 isn’t over yet, but we already know the All American season 4 premiere date.

With the pandemic delaying All American season 3, we had been getting a little nervous that All American season 4 would be delayed. That does not seem to be the case.

All American Season 4 Premiere Date

All American season 4 is scheduled to premiere on Monday, Oct. 25, 2021.

That is pretty much in line with what we’ve been expecting for All American season 4. We are seeing the new season premiere a little after in October than what we are utilized to. Considering how much longer into the summer season 3 is going, that is reasonable.

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All American Season 4

All American Season 3 Will end on July 19 on The CW. We are going to observe the season on Netflix on July 27.

All American Season 4 Release Date On Netflix

All American season 4, such as the first 3 seasons, will be published on Netflix. Regrettably, we will not find out when exactly that will be until much later in 2022.

Every season of All American is added to Netflix just eight days after the season finale airs on The CW. Thus, we are aware that much.

Usually, All American seasons have been inserted to Netflix in March or sometime in the spring. The season is much shorter than some CW shows, so it is additional to Netflix sooner.

All American season 4 will likely be inserted to Netflix in the spring of 2021, likely in April or May 2021. Together with the delayed start, it makes sense that we might have to wait just a tiny bit more than we generally do.

What will be interesting is when All American season 4 yields from the midseason break. There are a bunch of CW shows being held for its midseason, therefore it’s possible that we could observe a bigger break between the season 4 midseason finale and the season 4 midseason premiere of All American.

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