Alita Battle Angel 2: Cast, Plot, Trailer And All Update

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Alita Battle Angel is the very popular Disney content with the acquisition of Fox. Previously in 2019, James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez, the directors, also referred to the very awaited sequel of Alita Battle Angel. They also mentioned about the multiple sequels of the movie. However, the directors are still figuring out the upcoming possible Alita Battle Angel 2, expecting to release soon. Since 2000, James Cameron has been developing the major job of a long-gestating brainchild, Alita Battle Angel.

Will There Be A Sequel Of Alita Battle Angel?

Ever since the former Alita Battle Angel film, the purchase of Fox has been finished by Disney. And, the forthcoming sequel is the concern of Disney whether the movie is going to have a movie or not. Fans have made many petitions and campaigns to get the sequel of the movie.

In April 2020, Christoph Waltz mentioned, “I have no clue regarding the sequel. Maybe Disney isn’t working on the sequel for today or perhaps there do not fit in the criteria of Disneyfication. There are not any news yet.” Meanwhile, the lead celebrity, Rosa Salazar, also commented on this and stated that she has not heard anything regarding the sequel. Even though the directors are holding their hopes up nevertheless, there aren’t any particular updates about the Alita Battle Angel 2.

 Plot: The Next Setup About The Sequel

The part and the questions that the former Alita Battle Angel film left us the sequel is expected to answer those questions. As Alita dropped her fan, Hugo, she comes to realize her position in this world. That she is climb to become a Motorball winner and gets to return to Zalem, the mystical town. The directors, Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron have decided to plot the Alita Battle Angel two having a complete arc.

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Alita Battle Angel 2

About the sequel,” Rodriguez stated, “Today Alita knows who she is and has got the purpose too. This sequel has finished with its beginning, middle and end.” The evident question is, what happened to Alita when she falls and finally landed at the Iron city junk heap? There are a clear strategy for further follow-up. However, the sequel is all about to be very daring and intriguing.


Rosa Salazar, being the direct character as Alita has a certain return back in the sequel part. Besides, she enjoys it a whole lot. She’s willing to take additional measures for another movie. She said, “I will play the part of Alita until my very last breath”

Christoph Waltz is also expected to return as Alita’s Surrogate father Dr. Dyson Ido. He’s also a scientist and a dividend hunter.

Edward Norton is also likely to be seen in the Alita Battle Angel 2 as the impenetrable Nova even after being put up for the end in the first movie.


Disney has not made any confirmation about the sequel of Angel 2. According to Landau, “The Alita Army should keep peppering the household now at Disney as they ought to understand how important it is to have another sequel.” In his opinion, this is one approach to pressure the studios to the sequel. For now, let’s just expect Disney to show that the greenlights for the sequel. “After the last approval from Disney, it is going to get around 12-18 months to write the script. Then the next 10 weeks for the pre-production. Afterwards, six months take and at closing, just a year for its last production,” shown Ladau. So, the chances for the sequel has a long way to go. Simply lit your fantasies for the Alita Battle Angel 2.

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