Alita Battle Angel 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything You Should Know

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Interviewer PR

It appears to be a distant dream for Alita Battle Angel 2. No other streamer such as Disney has some interest in making a sequel to Battle Angel. However, it’s the entire support of fans behind it. When Alita: Battle Angel came out in 2019, there was a request regarding it. Reports say three was a plane funded by the fans to reach the red carpet of Oscars. This was in the year 2020. The movie was the recipient of mixed reviews. But ever since the acquisition of Fox, it will be Disney’s choice if not Alita is going to have a sequel.

Release Date

There are not any official confirmation about a sequel for Battle Angel. In 2019, Rosa Salazar affirms that she did not hear anything about a sequel just yet. However, the film includes a committed fan base. In most cases, that is just enough to get a sequel. Apart from this, the very first installation makes a good deal of $404.9 million awarded the dedication of the fans.

So we are hoping for Battle Angel to come with a sequel. But if not our prayers will be heard is not known yet. Besides, maintaining the current situation in mind, all productions are on hold. So if there are any positive news once the situation gets better.

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If at all we see a sequel of Battle Angel, we then know whom to anticipate as the throw. We’ll certainly see Rosa Salazar reprising her role as Alita. We may also see Christoph Waltz coming back as Dr. Dyson Ido, Alita’s surrogate father. Edward Norton should also return as enigmatic Nova. Michelle Rodriguez and Jai Courtney might also reprise their respective roles. As of now, these are just our assumptions. There are not any certain news about anything yet.


There are not any official confirmation about the storyline. However, we do know that the first part intends to be a complete story. Even though it doesn’t answer all our questions, it does have a beginning, middle, and end. Alita has a fair understanding of herself and her place in the entire world. In the process, she loses Hugo, the love of her life. She returns to Zalem, the mystical town as the Nova leader.

But, there were particular puzzles regarding Alita’s life. These mysteries aren’t completely explained in the film. However, Cameroon says that there wasn’t any clear explanation about those details in the first manga itself. Yukito Kishiro composed the first manga. But if we are to expect a storyline, we will expect to get all our questions answered. We are sure that Alita Battle Angel will pick up from where the first part finishes. But, we must wait to learn anything for certain.

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