Alia Bhatt’s Talent Squandered in Netflix’s Lackluster Spy Flick, ‘Heart of Stone’  

Alia Bhatt's Talent Squandered in Netflix's Lackluster Spy Flick, 'Heart of Stone'  

Alia Bhatt is the reigning queen of Bollywood, but “Heart of Stone,” a dull Netflix movie that doesn’t live up to promises, doesn’t make the most of her star power. Even though Bhatt is very talented, her performance is lost in a sea of sameness, which disappoints her fans.


Tom Harper’s “Heart of Stone” is supposed to be the start of a new spy series like “Mission: Impossible” or the James Bond movies, but it’s hard to tell what it’s about. Instead, it’s a mix of ideas that have been used before, with stereotypical characters and boring films that don’t make you feel anything.


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This is also Alia Bhatt’s first time working in Hollywood, which is a big deal for the famous Bollywood star. Her part here doesn’t give her much room to shine, though. Like Nathalie Emmanuel’s parts in the “Fast & Furious” films, Bhatt’s character seems like a throwaway that doesn’t make the most of her talents.


At first, there are signs of a more lighthearted tone, especially in the first half of the movie, which is helped by interesting music. In the last part of the movie, however, the mood changes from happy to sad, which can be confusing. It seems like director Tom Harper forgot for a moment about the mood he was trying to create, which left the audience confused.


In a time when series and sequels are the norm, “Heart of Stone” tries to ride on the success of its predecessors without adding anything new. The main goal of the movie seems to be to start a new female-led series, but it falls apart when it gets into pro-surveillance state themes and leaves an empty feeling.


Alia Bhatt hasn’t reached her full potential yet, and her fans are still waiting for a project that really shows off her amazing skills. “Heart of Stone” may have tried to do something great, but in the end, it doesn’t stand out in the crowded world of entertainment.


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