Alia Bhatt Gets Trolled Once Again Because of Her Body And Height

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

Alia Bhatt has always been the centre of attraction. Since her first film she has always stayed in limelight. Alia has been in spotlight both for right and for wrong reasons as well. Even though she is trolled for various reasons. There are millions of fans who adored her for various reasons. These fans love to see her outside and adore her.  She recently purchased a luxurious home in the Vaastu Pali Hill complex for Rs.35 crores. Ranbir Kapoor, her boyfriend, already has a bachelor’s flat in the same building. Her apartment is near to the Kapoor’s’ Krishna Raj home , which is now being refurbished. Alia came out to get a better look at her site, little did she realize that she would be severely trolled by netizens because of her height and body type.

Alia was dressed in a black shirt with corresponding lights in the video. She went out for a survey  wearing athletic shoes. People on social media, on the other hand, were quite dissatisfied with her dress choices and appearance. Many people  commented on Alia’s height, stating how tiny she appeared to be, while others thought she was too slender for the outfits she was wearing. Some of her supporters, on the other hand, stood up for her against the trolls.

Many camera persons followed Alia as they spotted the actress, and you can call her so-called Kapoor bahu. She was seen dressed in a black top and matching lights. She paired her comfortable athleisure with white sneakers.

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There were some of her fans who supported Alia Bhatt from trolls on her behalf. Last week, Alia Bhatt was trolled for her Manyavar-Mohey ad. In the ad, Alia became a Hindu bride and questioned whether the practice of ‘Kanya Daan,’ or giving away girls at weddings, should still be doing in the modern age.

Some people are really harsh and commented many hateful comments. This was not the first time Alia Bhatt is receiving so much hate. Even during Student of the year she was trolled for being overweight for a Bollywood actress. Netizens often goes to the extent of trolling and commenting hurtful towards celebrities.

Not only Bollywood Actress Kangana commented on Manyavar- Mohey ad. She not only commented on the video but shared a video of herself . In an Instagram post, Ranaut wrote: “Humble request to all brand… don’t use religion, minority, majority politics to sell things… Stop manipulating naïve consumer with shrewd divisive concepts and advertising…”

And these is not the first time Kangana is speaking on the matter that does not concern her. She always have something or other to say. This is the reason why she lost the trust of many of her fans.

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