Actor Lance Reddick dies at the age of 60

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Lance Reddick dies at the age of 60

The late actor “Lance Reddick,” well known for his work on “The Wire” and “John Wick,” has passed away. Mia Hansen, who served as his manager, confirmed his death. Hansen said that Reddick died unexpectedly “from natural causes” on Friday morning.

The start of Reddick’s character

With roles in programs like “The West Wing” and “New York Undercover,” Reddick launched his career in the 1990s. He began winning roles in provincial theatre as early as 29 years old. He subsequently applied to “Yale University” and was ready to study drama to pursue his career as a professional actor. Eventually, he graduated at the same time.

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Later, Reddick portrayed a big-city police chief in a similar job in the Los Angeles-based cop drama “Bosch,” a program from the streaming site Amazon Prime. Reddick is tall, has a shaved head, and has a knack for playing understated yet imposing authority figures.

Other great achievements of Reddick

Beginning in the fourth season of the ABC series “Lost,” he also had appearances in two shows that J.J. Abrams co-created. Reddick was capable of joining the cast of “Fringe,” a Fox network series wherein he portrayed the chief of an FBI unit looking into paranormal activity because that role was quickly killed off.

The Emmy-winning FX television series “American Horror Story,” in which he played a Voodoo master named Papa Legba, and the upcoming Disney series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” in which he played the Greek god Zeus, are among his other television appearances. He also starred in the HBO prison series “Oz” as undercover police detective Johnny Basil.

Besides “John Wick,” his other picture work included cameos in suspenseful films such as “Angel has Fallen,” “Monster Party,” and “Godzilla vs. Kong.” He was also well-known among gamers for providing the voice of Commander Zavala in the “Destiny” brand shooter series.

Reddick love for music

Reddick was a pianist with classical training, who studied music at the Peabody Preparatory Institute. He participated in the summer music theory and composition program at the Walden School, and eventually graduated from the University of Rochester’s Eastman School of Music with a bachelor’s degree in classical composition.

He produced “Contemplations and Remembrances,” a jazz Album, in 2007.

Condolences for Reddick

Actor Wendell Pierce paid homage to his “Wire” co-star on Twitter. Calling Reddick a “man of great strength and grace” and the “epitome of class”.

Pierce said “You made your mark here. RIP,”


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