A Million Miles Away Trailer: Story of stubborn farmer going to space, will be released on Prime Video on this day

A Million Miles Away Trailer The Indian Chandrayaan 3 is about to reach the lunar surface.


The trailer for the forthcoming movie A Million Miles Away is now available on Prime Video. But the film is based on a true story, starring Michael Pina as Jose Hernandez. José was the first Mexican farmer to become an astronaut and go into space. Inspired by the real-life story of NASA Astronaut Jose Hernandez, the film is sure to inspire a lot of audiences.

How is the movie trailer of A Million Miles Away

Hernandez is shown in the teaser as a farmer who aspires to become an astronaut. The A Million Miles Away trailer shows Hernandez working hard to make his dream of going into space a reality. However, The film will trace his journey from a village in Mexico to the International Space Station of Jose Hernandez. Although Jose does not give up even after being rejected repeatedly and works hard every year and applies again and again to the space program. Jose Hernandez puts in a lot of effort to fulfill his aspiration of becoming an astronaut.

When will the film be released?

The film, which showcases the true story of a farmer to an astronaut, will release on Prime Video on September 15, 2023.The clip includes images of the International Space Station. Its height is more than 200 miles from the Earth. Jose Hernandez’s determination and hard work enable him to accomplish his apparently unattainable objective with the constant support of his diligent parents, relatives, and professors. Alejandra Marquez is a writer and filmmaker. Abela honors the whole Hernandez family’s fidelity and tenacity-a wonderful tribute to the man who dared to dream together.

Hollywood has previously produced space films

Directors caught the space pulse of the public and started making a lot of space-related films. With the persistent encouragement of his devoted parents, relatives, and lecturers, Jose Hernandez is able to achieve his seemingly unachievable goal.

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The film Contact depicts the story of an astronomer who detects alien signals in space during research. But Through these films, the viewer can enjoy true and fictional stories from all over the world sitting at home.

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