12-year-old boy Clovis Hung set to graduate with 5 college degrees

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

By becoming the college’s youngest-ever graduate, 12-year-old Clovis Hung in California has broken an earlier record. According to Clovis Hung, his objective was motivated by the school’s youngest graduate to date, a 13-year-old who would graduate in 2020. Clovis Hung is not your typical kid. The brilliant American youngster recently earned five associate degrees.

A bachelor’s degree and an associate’s degree are the two highest levels of education. The fields of history, social sciences, social behavior and self-development, arts and human expression, and science and mathematics are all where Clovis received his Associate of Arts degrees.

clovis hung with five college degrees

Clovis’s other interests are traveling and caring for his dogs

For instance, the history enthusiast was eager to take a summer vacation and travel to the Middle East. He uploaded a photo of himself standing in front of an Egyptian pyramid. He acknowledged that it wasn’t simple to become used to learning in person on a college campus. His friends and lecturers’ encouragement encouraged him to continue.

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The college’s youngest graduate, Clovis, claimed that Jack Rico served as an inspiration. Jack, who was 13 at the time, graduated from the institution in 2020 as the youngest student. His mother Song Choi describes her kid as “extremely curious, mature, diligent, self-disciplined, and highly motivated.” Song Choi began homeschooling her son in 2019.

youngest graduate from college


In the year 2020, Clovis enrolled at Fullerton College to study history. Nine years old was he. He soon received praise from his professors and peers for his ability, maturity, and high levels of enthusiasm as he quickly registered in three courses.

Even though he did well in the classroom, Clovis acknowledges that the first few days of college were difficult. Clovis has his sights set on new objectives now that he has earned his degree. He engages in things that boys his age typically like outside of the classroom. His other interests are traveling and caring for his dogs. He is thinking about a profession in pediatrics, aeronautical engineering, or flying to help people.

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