Student Breaks Record With 125 College Offers Over $9 Million

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

With 125 college offers and more than $9 million in potential scholarships, a kid recently set a record. Dennis Barnes, a graduating senior at International High School (IHSNO) in New Orleans, Louisiana, applied to 200 colleges and universities all through the US to pursue a dual undergraduate degree in computer technology and criminal justice.

Amazingly, after submitting the applications last August, he received a total of more than 125 offers from colleges and universities, “overflowing” his inbox. These contained scholarship offers totaling $9 million, demonstrating the schools’ desperation to have Barnes enroll in their programs.

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At age 16, he is a senior. He has a 4.98-grade point average. Despite even graduating from high school, he already has 27 college credits and, perhaps most impressively, has been offered over $9 million in scholarships from over 130 universities and colleges.

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Dennis Maliq Barnes’ successes at the International High School of New Orleans are hailed by administrators. Who is looking into any scholarship offer records Barnes may have broken? It wasn’t a record, though, and he lined up close to 200 applications to colleges all over the country. He needed to have an array of options.

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As an undergrad, he intends to major in computer science. He credits his strong Christian faith for a large part of his achievement. Also has high remarks for Denise James, the college admissions counselor at the institution.

He will remain in the neighborhood if, after assessing his options, he decides that something near to home will meet his needs. Barnes, though, finds the thought of traveling further intriguing. He stated that he would love to see something new.

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