10 Websites That Entrepreneurs Will Love

The icons can be modified and used in both personal and professional projects. No credit is necessary, but it is appreciated

10 Websites

Nowadays, every company must have a website. Also, this is the place for you if you’re a web developer seeking fresh knowledge or sources. It might be challenging to locate a website with all the tools and data a developer needs. This post will teach you about 10 Websites that programmers will enjoy.

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Roadmap.sh is a community project that attempts to provide roadmaps, instructions, and other learning resources to help developers decide on the best course of action and focus their learning. It contains roadmaps, study plans, routes, and resources that have been carefully vetted by the community for developers who are just starting out in this industry. Infographics were first used to guide developers who weren’t sure what to research next.



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Use this website to create stunning visuals using code. There are many syntax colors available, as well as options to show or conceal the backdrop and alternate between a dark and bright window. This program allows developers to create beautiful source code graphics that they can post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Stack Overflow

It is among the most widely used websites and nearly all developers use it every day. Stack Overflow is a question-and-answer website for computer programming problems, particularly those involving specific programming languages. It also offers opportunities for professional advancement to its members via online courses, certificates, and job advertisements. Nearly 100 million individuals every month use the public Q&A site Stack Overflow to learn, share, and ask questions about technical topics.



Git repositories are hosted on the website GitHub, which also offers social networking-like capabilities for programmers to share their work. The best developer platform for creating, scaling, and distributing safe software is Github.

More than 94 million 10 Websites developers work together on GitHub to change the software landscape. Your development process is boosted. Nearly 10 Websites Github offers limitless repositories, top-notch version control, and the largest open-source community in the world, all of which will help your team collaborate more effectively.


IconStore is a collection of free, vector (SVG) icons made by gifted designers that may be downloaded for usage in products. The IconStore only publishes icons that are free to use.

The icons can be modified and used in both personal and professional projects. No credit is necessary, but it is appreciated!



CodePen is a software program used by many people. With the browser, you may create code and see the outcomes as you go. Generate test scenarios for learning and troubleshooting, showcase your skills, develop websites, and get inspiration. You may browse and contribute to the creations of other designers as well as developers by joining the front-end community.

Collaborative Mode in Codepen Pro’s Pair Program feature enables many users to update a Pen simultaneously. Since the pair (or more) participants can be located across the world and it doesn’t require nearly as much bandwidth as video, this is real-time pair scripting language at its finest.


Create a ReadMe for your upcoming projects quickly and effortlessly using the Markdown editor and templates. With the application’s built-in basic editor, it is straightforward to create a README file. You may easily add and change all the sections your project’s readme needs.

Prism Lorem

As placeholders, Lorem Picsum offers arbitrary or specified uploaded images. You may see all of the pictures that Lorem Picsum offers here. At the conclusion of the request URL, developers must indicate the desired picture size (width & height).



Figma is an online tool for interface design that allows for collaboration and has added offline functionality made possible by desktop programs for Windows and macOS. Create a live collaborative iterative design flow that keeps you informed whether you’re functioning in the office or from home. Our product teams are now able to release new products more quickly and with greater assurance.


On Dribbble, multitudes of designers and firms from across the world display their portfolio pieces. The top website in the world for creators to learn, share, develop, and find work is Dribbble. With the help of fonts, images, themes, pictures, templates, mockups, and 3D models made by independent producers across the world, the Dribbble marketplace helps you bring creative ideas to life.

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