Zendaya and Tom Holland like to keep thins private and are in India !

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Zendaya and Tom Holland was spotted at Mumbai Airport.

Just a few weeks after visiting Tom Holland’s family in London, Zendaya and her beau have arrived in Mumbai, India. Their most recent adventure took Tom Holland and Zendaya far from their house.

After arriving at Mumbai airport in India on March 31. The couple was seen leaving the terminal and walking towards a vehicle. Zendaya kept things casual for the trip by dressing in a black sweatshirt, coordinating tights, and spectacles. Her light brown hair was pulled back in a half ponytail. Tom was dressed in trousers, a black jacket, and a grey baseball hat, with a knapsack in addition to a pink blouse.


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Although we have yet to learn what the two will do in India. Zendaya and Tom’s airport ensembles demonstrate that they are still their own monarch casual adventures.


Zendaya and Tom like to keep things Private

Additionally, despite the fact that the couple is currently together. Zendaya recently demonstrated how she subtly maintains the Spider-Man: No Way Home actor close to her heart when he isn’t around.

In an Instagram video from March 20 showing her manicure. Zendaya had worn a ring with the letters “TH” as a tender tribute to her partner of more than two years. The couple has, however, primarily kept their relationship a secret over the past few years, with the exception of brief indications like the band.

In November 2021, Tom pondered on maintaining limits with the public and said. He is highly determined to keep his private life private. Since he shares so much of his life with the world already. The couple feels as though their privacy had been violated. I doubt that the issue is a lack of readiness. They just didn’t want to, that’s all.

The two pair had just spent their recent holiday with Tom Holland’s parents. In London with Dominic Holland and Nikki Holland. And their cute canines, Tessa and Noon. The entire Holland family and Zendaya were seen spending quality time.


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