Zakir Khan: ‘There is no need to translate every word’, Zakir Khan instruction to filmmakers


Comedian-actor Zakir Khan needs no introduction today. He is known for his comedy not only in India but all over the world. He keeps sharing his thoughts on the main issues going on every day. Zakir has a huge fan following on social media. The actor recently, took to social media to request filmmakers to let dialogue writers do their work instead of asking them to translate Hindi from English.

Zakir Khan requests filmmakers

Zakir is known for his comedy as well as his frank and honest statements. Fans like Zakir’s comedy as well as his words. Zakir on his Instagram wrote that ‘Dear filmmakers, when you hire dialogue writers, let them write. Don’t just force a translation. There is an “English Fu*king Expression”, which cannot be translated word for word in Hindi.

He commanded the writers. The comedian asked the filmmakers to ease as Hindi-speaking people also know some expressions in English and usually use them while speaking Hindi. He further said, “Also, many Hindi-speaking people use a lot of words in English. So relax buddy! There is no need to get every word translated.

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The comedian was seen in this series

Let us tell you that Zakir’s real identity is due to stand-up comedy. Zakir has done a lot of shows in the country as well as abroad. He also got a huge fan following in other countries as well. Whenever he does a show in another country, the tickets for the show are sold out instantly. He has also tested his hand in acting. At the same time , he also has appeared in two web series. His web series ‘Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare’ was a big hit on Amazon Prime.

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