YouTuber, Basant Jangra create strides in the realm of social media

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Basant Jangra

In the era of upcoming YouTubers, it is very difficult to establish yourself in the realm of social media as there is tough competition for producing quality content. But if you are dedicated and have unique ideas then definitely you can ace the domain with ease. Basant Jangra is one such YouTuber who has established himself in the world of youtube with his unique content.

Behind every successful person, there is definitely hard work that goes behind becoming one of their own kind. Hailing from Sonipat, Haryana, Basant always wanted to do something different from society but due to his financial condition at home, he had to work with his family and sold vegetables after school.

Completing his 12th from a government school, he took admission to further pursue graduation along with it he started his own YouTube channel. But he couldn’t complete his graduation as he focused more on creating videos for his channel. To be more technically equipped, he took computer coaching and watched videos like ‘How to earn money online’ & also learned to create channels and upload videos with more efficiency. He further bought a laptop and installed wifi so that he could work from home.

Talking about his hardships, Basant said, “ Success doesn’t come easy. It requires relentless efforts and a strong will while treading on the path that you chose to grow. Being a YouTuber, I have realized the essence of constantly coming up with ideas that will relate to the masses in order to go viral. The tough part is, no one can assure when that might happen. It is all about continuously creating content, engaging with your audience, and dwelling in the delight of people interacting with your masterpieces.”

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As he was continuously working on his channel to grow, he couldn’t get any benefit. But this didn’t make him lose hope, instead he decided to make prank videos and kept uploading more videos, which helped him garner lots of views and subscribers.

With current subscribers of 2.39M, he is constantly creating quality content to entertain the audience with his mind-blowing ideas. Success does not happen overnight, and Basant is a prime example of this. One should seek his advice and be inspired by his talent, and then emulate it in their own lives.

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