‘Young Rock’ trailer reveals Dwayne Johnson is running for election in 2032

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Young Rock The series will allow us to know the childhood of La Roca, his family, traditions and some other surprise like the one that the last published trailer left us. The trailer announces that Dwayne Johnson will be running for president of the United States in 2032 .

” Shaking my head at the Forrest Gump- style wildlife I’ve lived through . The lessons I’ve learned along the way from my loved ones who now walk in the clouds. I’m looking forward to making you laugh and maybe something more.” writes the actor.

The legendary Jumanji actor has been warning of his plans for several years. Already in 2017 he announced in an interview with GQ that his future is in politics. After a Washington Post reporter selected him as a viable candidate, Johnson began to think about it. At that time I had a very tight schedule between series, films and other of the many projects that usually have underway, so I did not see it as a short-term option.

However, he still had it in mind and took the opportunity to listen and learn. “It was never something that announced publicly,” I will do this “, but as the story grew, the Americans caught and there was a feeling of” we are not joking and really we would like to present them to you. ” So the best thing I could do now would be to keep listening and learn all I can . ”

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At the moment, the actor has not declared an affinity for any party but has been totally against the anti-immigration laws. “I completely disagree. I strongly believe in our national security, but I don’t believe in a ban on immigrants. I believe in inclusion. Our country has been built on that and continues to grow strong because of it. ”

Young Rock premieres on NBC on February 16. The biographical fiction reviews three different stages in Dwayne Johnson’s life: age 10, age 15, and college life. Through its 11 episodes we will know different moments of his personal history.

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