Young Influencer with a desire to change the world – Kamil Aftar

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Kamil Aftar is a 22-year-old Entrepreneur, Content Creator, web developer, and SEO Executive from Belakoba, Jalpaiguri (West Bengal). Since childhood, he is passionate about the Internet and has been full of confidence in his interest in gadgets. Kamil Aftar loves to take up new challenges every day. He is the CEO and founder of AKmediahub- A leading online marketing institute.

Kamil Aftar has not reached this position overnight, it took Aftar a lot of sacrifices and hardship including his childhood where he had the choice to enjoy and party with friends or keep his head straight towards goals for success. It was not an easy decision for anyone but Kamil made it happen with his dedication and patience.

He has set an antecedent for the youngsters of his age by achieving the edge of success at a very young age of 22. Being the Leading Serial Entrepreneur of West Bengal, Kamil Aftar has been very loyal to his profession. He has perfectly balanced his business and studies very well. He is pursuing his engineering from IMPS Polytechnic College, West Bengal.

He never compromised for his passion and believes in hard work instead of short tricks, thus he is appreciated by all his clients, friends, and family members. Putting forward his creative business skills, Aftar is now taking Promo Experts- the leading digital marketing company with a bigger vision. Along with Gaurav Rana, he is focused on highlighting bright rural area talent to mainstream media.

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Aftar has earned both name and fame digital marketing world and has reached new heights of success in a very short span. He is still pursuing his passion of being building his digital business empire and we wish him a lot of success in his future endeavors. He is all set to bring the greatest revolution in the Indian Digital marketing Industry.

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