Yogita Patel: A Person With a Digital Mind and Heart of an Artist

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins

Ms Yogita Patel is a Computer Engineer by trade and an Artisan Designer by passion, but her heart beats for Gujarat’s development and rich cultural heritage. After gaining work experience in the computer industry, she has decided to create her own business to assist the Gujarati craft community and artisans, as well as those in other Indian states. Her enthusiasm for designing garments and accessories dates back to her youth, and it has now evolved into a way for her to contribute to the preservation of Indian crafts.

Craft & Fashion

CraftN Fashion is the creation of two visionary engineers with a fondness for rich Indian crafts and the boho fashion trend. Yogita Patel with her partner Mr. Meghal Patel created Craft & Fashion. Meghal Patel is a management graduate with a specialisation in export sales and marketing having spent 9 years in the export industry now decided to devote full time to her passion for exploring Indian crafts around the world. The willpower and fondness of these two Art lovers and culture promoters have resulted in creating a brand name “Craft & Fashion”.

Craft & Fashion has a product collection that includes contemporary and Boho Fashion clothing, Banjara Handbags and Boho Clutches, Fashion Accessories, Fusion Jewelry, Home Décor, and more.They have the distinction of having expanded to become exporters to countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, and France in just ten years. Spain and Belgium are two countries that share a border. Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and a number of other countries are among them.

Aims and View

Although they are a corporate organisation, they also have social duties to the country. They also assist artisans and craftsmen in earning a living by providing a forum for them to display their work, as well as bringing to light eco-friendly products made in communities.

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The Aim or Mission Yogita Patel and Meghal Patel has now is to inform the rest of the world about India’s rich culture and tradition. The culture that is concealed away from the tourist’s eyes in the villages and interior regions. They want the rest of the world to know that Indian crafts come in a wide range of styles and are not restricted to Banarasi Sarees & Nataraj Statues.

Their sole focus now is on becoming a well-known global brand for boho fashion.

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