Yoga Asanas for Healthy Lungs: Best Asanas to Fight Ongoing Pollution

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta

Yoga is good for your body and mind. If you are someone who does yoga regularly, chances are you are more likely to be less stressed, more energetic, have stronger immunity and calmer mind. Not only physical benefits, yoga provides one with a wide range of benefits. Therefore, it is advisable for all age groups.

Benefits of Yoga

Here is a list of few of the benefits that yoga offers. If you haven’t practiced yoga before, you might get some motivation after reading these immense benefits,

  1. Yoga benefits heart health.
  2. It relaxes your mind and body which in return provides a good sleep.
  3. Increased energy and uplifts mood.
  4.  Improves balance, strength and flexibility.
  5. Improves digestion
  6. Boosts Immunity
  7. Lowers blood pressure and glucose levels
  8. Helps in building focus

Why is Yoga Important for Lungs Amid Pollution?

As stated by yogic gurus, ‘breath’ is noted as ‘prana’. It is the driving force behind all energy that controls our life. Therefore, breathing in the correct way is important while doing any form of yoga.  Due to the fatal of Covid-19 pandemic, taking care of health of the lungs is most crucial nowadays.

Apart from the safety norms that we are following, it is also equally important to keep our lungs healthy to steer clear from any infection. Yoga can be your savior in such times. There are few types of yoga asanas, if done regularly, help in strengthening the muscles of the lungs. Additionally, they also cure many respiratory disorders like common cold, cough, sinus and even asthma.

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4 Best Asanas for Lung Health

Here’s the list of 4 best poses (with steps!) to do regularly for a healthy pair of lungs:

  • Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):

>Lie flat on your stomach and place your head on the ground.

>Keep hands on either side of your shoulders.

>Slowly, put pressure on your palms and lift your body up from the torso while stretching your back and belly muscles.

>Keep your arms straight and keep your shoulder blades pressed against your back. Hold it for 10-15 seconds.

  • Sukhasana (Cross-legged sitting Pose):

>Sit in a normal meditation pose. Hold your left wrist with your right hand behind the back.

> While pulling your shoulders back, inhale deeply and expanding your chest. While bending forward, exhale and try to touch your right forehead to your right knee.

>Inhale and return to the original position. Repeat the steps and continue on the other side by touching your forehead to your left knee.

  • Chakrasana (Wheel Pose):>Lie down on your back>Fold your legs at your knees and make sure your feet are placed firmly on the ground.

    >Bend your arms at the elbows and your palms facing the sky.

    >Rotate your arms at the shoulders while you place your palms on the floor on either side of your head

  • Ardh Matsayendrasana (Sitting Half spinal Twist):

> Sit with your back straight with your legs stretched out and feet together.

>Bend your right leg and place the heel of your right foot beside your left hip.

>Now, take the left leg over your right knee. Place your right hand on your left foot and your left hand behind you.

>Twist the waist, shoulders, and neck to the left. Look over the left side of your shoulder.

>Hold the position for 15 seconds. Continue breathing in and out gently.




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