Xavier’s Church Goa History And Architecture

Navneet S Karnani
Navneet S Karnani
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This Xavier’s Church Goa is situated in Old Goa, also known as the Basilica of Bom Jesus church. This church is one of the oldest churches and, due to its significance, has labeled its name in the World Heritage site of Goa given by UNESCO. The church was built under Portuguese construction and took vaguely 11 years to build it. In 1605, it was declared a sacred place.

It is one of the charming places to visit, which has great structure inside and modern art in the gallery. The ornamented entrance of the church, beautiful woodwork with carving, and baroque style main alter adds beauty to the church’s interior view. Its exterior outside view is as good as the interior view.

The main road view of the church attracts every tourist to have a view from inside. In its interior, the painting scenes of St. Xavier’s life are placed. Before entering, one rock carving is situated near the church, and that has all the details craved in it regarding the church. On the upper side of the church, the writing and painting of Dom Martin can be found. The interior and exterior view of the church makes it, must visit place in South Goa.

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Xavier’s Church Goa History 

The Xavier’s Church Goa is the oldest and has an outstanding infrastructure. But its history makes it a more sacred place. This church has preserved the sacred body of St. Francis Xavier; the body is preserved without any chemicals. The body is brought down once in 4 years. The mortal remains of St. Xavier are preserved in a silver-coated casket with extreme care. St. Xavier died on an island when he was on his route to go to China.

His body was first taken to Portuguese Malacca, but it was brought to Goa after two years. When the body arrived in Goa, it was as fresh as it was on the day of burial. Apart from one toe and a missing arm, the whole body is intact without using chemicals. Some find it as a miracle, and some find it as the blessing of St. Xavier, who had healing power and has kept his own body intact.

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